This Is Why Bob Dylan Is Not Attending The Nobel Prize Ceremony
This Is Why Bob Dylan Is Not Attending The Nobel Prize Ceremony

Everyone around the world is absolutely shocked at his decision.


Bad news for Dylan fans from all around the world. Bob Dylan will not travel to Sweden to accept his historic Nobel Prize win.


The folk rocker made history by being the first songwriter to be presented with the Nobel Prize in literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.


Traditionally, all Nobel Prize winners are supposed to be a part of the ceremony that is usually held in Stockholm, Sweden, but according to the officials, they were struggling to get in touch with Dylan after the formal announcement. They somehow managed to track him down and asked him whether he will be able to attend the ceremony or not. In typical Dylan style, he responded to them by stating, “Absolutely, if it’s at all possible”. The answer was, of course, still “blowing in the wind” for the organisers.


But the 75 year old has finally announced that he will not be attending the ceremony and the officials at the Swedish academy have received a personal letter from Dylan stating the reasons. Dylan has some pre-existing commitments to fulfil, due to which this decision was taken according to the officials who received the letter.


Apparently, the singer/songwriter is not the only recipient to not attend the ceremony. Doris Lessing and Harris Pinter have previously given the ceremony a miss. But the officials are still hopeful and are looking forward to, “Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture, which he must give – it is the only requirement – within six months counting from December 10, 2016.”


Dylan, who initially did not respond or react to winning a Nobel Prize has recently acknowledged the win by telling The Telegraph, “Isn’t that something? It’s hard to believe… Whoever dreams about something like that?”

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