Check out this 10,000 brick LEGO Millennium Falcon
Check out this 10,000 brick LEGO Millennium Falcon

It also makes the term ‘Choking Hazard’ the understatement of the century

Sometimes those exotic Ostrich eggs on the mantelpiece must make way for something a bit more exclusive. If you thought Lego’s official 6,000 piece Millenium Falcon was the bee’s knees – you’re going to spend a while collecting your jaw off the floor. Singapore based Lego wizards Titans Creations have just given the geekdom it’s ultimate holy grail – a 10,000 brick Lego Millennium Falcon.


Approximately 4×3 feet in dimensions, this Falcon is without a roof, and houses your favourite Star Wars characters – there’s Chewbacca and Han Solo at one end, with Leia, Obi-Wan giving company to Luke Skywalker . And those are just the characters that are visible through the roofless vessel. Various characters are stowed away in crevices, but you must give it a pretty good look before you spot them.






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