The latest products to invest in
The latest products to invest in

Night crèmes, body sorbets and eye serums are among the new must-buys

The Body Shop’s new Fuji Green Tea™ range is the perfect unisex purchase to share with your lady. We highly recommend their body scrub – which doubles up as soap and face wash – and is made with green tea leaves that cleanse and revitalise your skin. Those with dry skin can rely on the new body sorbet, which hydrates and moisturises without having too strong a smell. It gets absorbed into the skin easily, and the effects are long-lasting.



The new range of products by VÔTRE includes moisturisers, night crèmes, skin masques and more. We tried and loved their After Shave Balsam that combats itches or dryness that accompany a clean shave. Also effective is their Under Eye Intense Serum, as a result of which we have visibly healthier looking eyes. The Pore Minimising Toner is a worthy option for those who have acne issues. We love that all VÔTRE products are chemical-free, and every ingredient comes from a plant or mineral.



NIVEA’s recently launched products include the new Body Deodoriser, which promises to last an entire day without having to spray the product every few hours. Another innovation is the All-In-1 re-closable pump pack for face washes. It’s a great solution to dark spots, acne, excess oil and other such issues. For those who insist on a good shave, the Sensitive Cooling Shaving Range is bound to be an instant hit. In addition to having 0% alcohol, it also has Coolact10, which gives a refreshing, cooling feeling upon application.

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