The Best TVs of 2016


A lot has changed in the TV world, both in terms of technology and price. The good news is you have more options now, at significantly lower prices than even five years ago. Which TV should you buy, then? Here’s a guide, and our pick of the top TVs to help you along.




65-inch OLED 4K Ultra-HDR TV 



This is one of the most beautiful OLED displays and probably the best 4K TV we’ve seen so far in 2016. Measuring a mere 2.57 mm, the LG E6 is so slim, it gives us goose-bumps. This is courtesy the company’s new ‘Picture on Glass’ design, and the TV delivers stunning images, with superb colour quality, thanks to support for HDR standards. There is a built-in sound bar speaker system which was developed in partnership with Harman Kardon, and a WebOS 3.0 smart TV platform that is among the best in Smart TVs.


Price: Rs 6.29 lakh


Sony X9350D


65-inch OLED 4K HDR with Android TV



The 65-inch X9350D features an iconic wedge design, 4K HDR that delivers exceptional detail, colour and contrast and Google’s official Android TV operating system, which offers TV apps and features from Google and is the best TV OS out there. The Bravia range has an upgraded voice search feature that enables users to search channel names and TV content without typing them. The Content Bar allows users to explore other TV content, internet videos via YouTube or Netflix.


Price: Rs 3.85 lakh


Samsung JU6470 Series 6


40-inch UHD 4K Flat Smart TV



The smallest member of Samsung’s elite 4K TV range, the JU6470 is probably the best value 4K TV you can buy. Featuring an attractive design, an Ultra HD 4K flat panel that delivers stunning pictures, quad-core processing and Samsung’s latest smart platform powered by Tizen, the TV is something of a bargain. To keep the price down, Samsung has skipped on some features, which means there’s no local dimming and no HDR support.


Price: Rs. 61,500


Sony X85C


43-inch 4K HDR with Android TV 



With the X85C, Sony delivers a solid mid-range 4K television in a sleek package, with a powerful 4K Processor X1, a TRILUMINOS display, plenty of connectivity and the intuitive Android TV interface, with a nice suite of apps and built-in Chromecast features. This is a very solid pick for smaller living rooms.


Price: Rs. 82,500


Samsung JS9500 Series


78-inch SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV 



The most expensive TV on this list is also the one that offers the best picture quality. Featuring a curved design and incredible, dynamic and life-like pictures, thanks to a full-array backlight that reaches a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, quantum-dot-enhanced colours and local dimming, this 78-inch TV will be the centerpiece of your living room. What’s interesting is the addition of a OneConnect connection box, which houses most of the inputs and can be replaced with an updated model when the new wave of technology hits, making it kind of future-proof.


Price: Rs 10.5 lakh


Sony W800D


43-inch Full HD with Android TV 



Sony’s W800D is a great HD option. It comes with a Full HD 1080p TRILUMINOS display powered by Sony’s X-Reality PRO Picture Engine, and it shows in the exceptional picture clarity. Sony’s Android TV smart platform is at the core of this TV, which means you can find everything you love, whether broadcast or via the internet, using the content bar or voice search. You can send movies and music from your smartphone to your TV with Google Cast, and use your phone as a remote control. Did we mention that it even plays 3D content?


Price: Rs. 60,999


Panasonic 40DS500D


40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV 



Panasonic’s 2016 lineup is big on features, but it also offers the no-nonsense 40DS500D for those on a budget. Easily one of the best Full HD TVs you can buy right now, it combines elegant design with excellent picture and sound quality. Panasonic is still using the ‘My Home Screen’ menu system introduced in 2013, which lets you set up your own landing page with your favorite apps and content. Also, there are only two HDMI ports at the back, in case that’s a deal breaker for you.


Price: Rs. 37,990


LG 32LH604T


32-inch Full HD WebOS 3.0 LED TV 



If you are not bothered about 4K, LG’s 32-inch 32LH604T is a great entry-level model for small living rooms or bedrooms. Featuring a really good 1080p IPS panel in a sleek, all-metal body, it’s the least expensive LED TV from LG to offer its latest webOS 3.0platform. We love the WebOS 3.0 interface – it’s fast and intuitive and offers three new interesting feature: Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection and a new Magic Remote. With Magic Zoom, users can magnify objects, letters and numbers on the screen, while Magic Mobile Connection makes it possible to connect your smartphone via the LG TV Plus app to access mobile apps on the TV’s screen. The Magic Remote has also been redesigned, to make controlling other devices connected to the TV even easier.


Price: Rs.32,490


BeoVision 14


4K Ultra HD LED TV



Don’t tell us that you haven’t gotten googly-eyed over this stunningly beautiful television from Bang & Olufsen. The BeoVision 14 is everything you could ever want for your home theater setup – a 4K Ultra HD panel with LED backlighting, anti-reflection glass, and an automatic picture control sensor that adjusts images based on the surrounding ambient light, along with a custom threeway speaker hidden behind oakwood lamellas. Place it on the motorised floor stand and the television will come to life and gently turn towards you, giving you unparalleled convenience wherever you’re seated. It’s powered by Android TV, giving it support for Google Cast and fast and easy access to an endless amount of Internet-based content from services like Netflix and Google Play. Available in 40 and 55 inches, it truly is a statement of style.


Price: 4,495 GBP for the 40 inch model and 6,495 GBP for the 55-inch model



Buying Guide


Display Types 


There are LCD TVs, LED TVs and OLED TVs. LCD TVs are the cheapest option, and the most ubiquitous. LEDs are actually just LCD TVs that use LEDs as a backlight, to improve the black levels and hence contrast and saturation. This is the sweet spot for most buyers. OLED TVs look much better than a typical LED LCD, but they are considerably more expensive.


Screen Size 


Is Bigger Better? Yes, it is. If you are trying to make a statement! Choose a screen size and resolution appropriate for the distance you will sit from the screen. Generally, 42 inches and smaller is a good size for most bedrooms and larger displays are more appropriate for the living room.




You will be told that 4K or Ultra HD is currently the place to be. These 4K models have four times the number of pixels as standard 1080p screens, but the difference is too small to be discernable, unless you sit right next to the TV – and there is not too much content available in 4K. 1080p still offers the best value for money right now, but if you’re going for high-end features, you will end up buying a 4K TV whether you want it or not.


Refresh Rate


The faster the better. This is important, since fast motion often caused jerking or blurring on older LCD models. Most good LCD sets come with a 120-Hz and some even with 240-Hz refresh rates, which is good enough for quick moving images to look smooth.




If you have decided to go 4K, look for HDR capability to deliver more colours, more contrast levels and increased brightness.


HDMI Ports


Look for at least 4 HDMI ports, to connect your Apple TV, soundbar, game console and everything else.


Curved TVs


They are just eye candy and don’t really offer better image quality.


Smart TV


Most TVs come with Smart capability these days. It shouldn’t be a factor in your buying decision.


3D TV 


Are you really going to watch a 3D movie? Are you? We thought so. Just skip the whole 3D fad.

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