The Best Android and IOS apps of 2015
The Best Android and IOS apps of 2015

The most innovative and widely used apps across the world

2015 is nearly over. If nothing else, we are more dependent on smartphone and tablet apps than we previously were. Keeping this in mind, we present to you, the top 10 best apps of 2015 across both IOS and Android paltforms. These apps (IOS) have been selected in part by Apple Inc. on the basis of genuine creativity and innovation. The Android apps, used by a considerable bunch of people have also been listed for their widespread use and their considerable effect on everyday life.



  1. Twitter Periscope (IOS and Android)



  Considered by Apple to be ‘truly revolutionary’ Preiscope, which was purchased by Twitter in the initial stages of its development, allows you to live stream videos from your immediate environment. Developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, the app allows its users to share a link via Twitter to live streams uploaded on their accounts.





  1. Enlight (IOS)





Enlight is currently considered one of the best photo editing softwares currently available on the IOS store. The latest iphone has one of the best phone cameras in the business, so it makes sense that you download an app which has the traditional effects of photoshop while containing the best filters and effects.



  1.      HBO Now  



 The dawn of Netflix has led to a widespread acceptance of internet TV.  HBO TV, although not available in India, has been selected by Apple as one of the best apps of 2015. Available on Android and IOS, the app gives you access to a paid streaming service, much like Netflix and Hulu, which gives you access to a wealth of HBO originals including every episode of blockbusters like The Sporanos, The Wire and Game of Thrones.







  1.       Uber (IOS and Android)



 Uber may have its fair share of controversies by there’s no denying that it has for better or for worse, revolutionised transport, largely due to the platform it was launched on, which helped make transport more accessible. Uber has also gotten people to drop their plans of buying automobiles, opting for the hassle-free, and instant mobility provided by Uber.





  1.      LiquidText  (IOS)



Available only on IOS, LiquidText allows you to read and interact with the text in a way you can never do via a regular book or microsoft word. The app allows the user to highlight, annotate, compare notes and do all the things that allow you to organise and understand the data presented to you, a bit better.





  1.      Deadbeef player (Android)





Audiophiles find Deadbeef fairly useful since it has the most exhaustive equalizer in the sound amplifying business. It accepts practically every sound format there is, so you get to hear your tunes just the way you like them.





  1.      Vine (Android and IOS)



With short attention spans come short videos. Although not as revolutionising, vines have become a part of our modern-day vocabulary. In the world of vines, as in the world of humans, cats reign supreme.





  1.       The Robot Factory (IOS)



The brainchild of one man, The Robot Factory is an IOS game aimed at children. It allows kids to use their imagination to build robots – sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. The kids must have to use complex componentry and utilize them in a way that aids cognitive development.





  1.       Tinder (IOS and Android)



This list would be incomplete without Tinder. Whether you like it or not, dating apps are here, especially ones like Tinder which do away with the ambiguity surrounding most dating apps. Tinder doesn’t exist for you to make friends – it’s meant to facilitate romantic and sexual relationships in a world that often doesn’t have a lot of time for romance.





  1.     SleepBot (Android and IOS)



The Sleepbot app might seem trivial but it monitors your sleeping pattern through your phone’s mircrophone in order to assess the amount of sleep you need and the ideal time you need to wake up, in order to increase productivity and ensure you get the kind of sleep you deserve.



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