Take a look at the new Range Rover Evoque convertible
Take a look at the new Range Rover Evoque convertible

That ‘wind in your hair’ feeling isn’t just restricted to performance coupes

The very imaginative (or possibly bored) folks at Land Rover have decided to give us a Range Rover Evoque convertible. The latest edition to the Range Rover Evoque lineup, the car’s concept premiered at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and is set to go on sale soon. It’s a rather unusual concept – given that the convertible form has conventionally been associated with low-slung sports cars and cabriolets. However this seemed like a natural progression for the already sporty two-door Evoque.


Internationally, the Evoque will be available in two trims – the 178 bhp Ingenium TD4, diesel engine and the 237 bhp, turbo-petrol engine. The car weighs 270 kg more than the standard two-door Evoque, thanks to the extra bracing needed to maintain chassis rigidity and the mechanism that retracts the canvas hood of the car. The car also packs a pop-up roll bar system that deploys itself whenever the car is in danger of inverting itself.  Land Rover say that several reinforcements have made to the A-pillars and the C-pillars to compensate the absence of a door frame. The rest is pretty much the same, with the car carrying the same kind of off-road options and all-wheel drive system as the standard Evoque.


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