TAG Heuer and Teen Olympian Skate Above The Thames
TAG Heuer and Teen Olympian Skate Above The Thames

TAG Heuer's latest Olympian collab features one of the world's youngest — and most talented — extreme sports champions

On a serene day by the Thames, with the Tower Bridge providing a postcard-perfect backdrop, something extraordinary unfolded—a skateboarding ramp, floating, no less, hosted Sky Brown's display of skill and fearlessness.


Sky Brown skates down TAG Heuer half-pipe.jpeg

At just 15, Sky isn't just pushing boundaries in the skateboarding world; she's redefining them. Partnering with TAG Heuer, a name synonymous with precision and avant-garde spirit since 1860, the collaboration was anything but conventional. Between two quintessentially British double-decker buses, Sky took to a custom-built half-pipe that bobbed gently on the river, performing tricks that left onlookers spellbound.


Sky Brown does trick on TAG Heuer half-pipe.jpeg
Sky performs a 180º handplant four metres off the ground | Credits: TAG Heuer

This event wasn't merely a showcase of Sky's skateboarding prowess; it was a testament to TAG Heuer's legacy of embracing challenges and transcending the expected. The Swiss watchmaker has long allied with those who redefine their fields, and in Sky, they find a kindred spirit—youthful yet formidable, daring yet poised. The half-pipe, an engineering marvel in its own right, symbolises more than just a venue for a skateboarding session. It represents a bridge between tradition and innovation, much like the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph Sky wore as she navigated the ramp. This timepiece, built to endure extreme conditions, mirrors the ethos of pushing limits, a philosophy both TAG Heuer and Sky Brown embody.


Sky Brown with TAG Heuer skateboard.jpeg
Sky wearing the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph | Credits: TAG Heuer

Following the event's conclusion, the decision to donate the half-pipe to Flo Skatepark in Nottingham is a nod to TAG Heuer's commitment to fostering talent and supporting communities. It's a gesture that extends the spirit of the event beyond the spectacle, encouraging the next generation of skateboarders. Sky's enthusiasm for the project—"I was hyped to get involved in this idea! I’m always looking to push my skateboarding skills to the limit"—reflects a shared ethos with TAG Heuer. The watchmaker's UK Marketing & Digital Director, Rachel Walsh, noted Sky's natural fit within the TAG Heuer family, a partnership rooted in mutual respect for innovation and challenge. “Sky has been a part of the TAG Heuer family since 2022 and we were thrilled to welcome her in the UK for this exceptional project in this iconic London location," said Walsh. 


"She once again proved that she can take on any challenge and will no doubt continue to inspire more people to try skateboarding.”

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