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What are the things to look for to get the right fit for my new suit?


No matter what your profession suits are the basic building blocks for looking good. Wherever you get your suit made, choose timeless, flexible patterns and cuts that can fit any occasion. Make sure you get it properly tailored to your measurements. Fit is the single most important thing to consider when buying a suit. Make sure that it’s comfortable, hangs well on your body and is easy to wear.


How do you I take care of my new Armani suit? How often should I dry clean my suit?


Our personal rule is that we get our suits dry cleaned only for the first year of owning it, and after that opt for the delicate machine cycle. To lengthen the life of your suits air them after each wear by hanging in your wardrobe. Store them well. Get your suits dry cleaned once a season.


Skinny ties seem to be in fashion. How do I know if they will suit me? Also, should my tie width match my lapel and collar size?


It is all about proportion. Slim ties look best when tied with a smaller knot. Because skinny ties create a trendy look that is more casual than stuffy, the best tie knots are asymmetrical and worn a bit on the looser side. Skinny ties look best on thin and tall men. If you have a heavy built and a wrestler’s neck then we suggest you stick to the normal width.


What are the rules when it comes to wearing a bandhgala?


A good bandhgala jacket fits well from the neck down to the waist. Do not button the jacket completely because that gives it a very old school look. Leave a few buttons open, team it with casual denims and wear it even to work. For a more classic look, pair it with well-fitted pants or breeches, add stylish accessories and a bright pocket square or a trendy brooch.


What is a cummerbund and do men still wear them?


The classic cummerbund isn’t really the most popular. The cummerbund originated in India, not as formal wear necessarily, but was later developed as a classic dining wear for Britishers. Some years later the tuxedo made its debut. The modern purpose of the cummerbund is to cover the waist and so it is also important to cover the waistband where awkward shirt bunching often occurs.


What is the difference between a sports jacket and a blazer?


The difference between them is often misunderstood and their distinct boundaries are often muddled simply because neither of them is paired with a matching pair of pants. Blazers come in single and double-breasted versions and sometimes feature a club badge on the breast pocket. The sports jacket is textured and often times patterned, whereas a blazer is a solid colour, usually navy or black, made of smooth fabric and is traditionally seen with naval-style gold buttons.


I have seen men wearing very trendy three-piece jackets. Are they back in fashion? How are the modern day three-piece jackets different from the ones that our fathers used to wear?


Men’s fashion trend cycles moves much slower than women’s. Though there are distinct styles of three-piece jackets in which the waistcoat has long been a dead item for most men, thanks to its popularity in men’s street style, the waistcoat is now back with a vengeance. And it’s back as a sartorially savvy piece. Having recently returned to men’s wardrobes as a standalone piece to be worn casually, the waistcoat’s newfound popularity means the return of the three-piece jacket as well. The in-fashion three-piece is all about cohesion. Forget the mismatching style prevalent in the early days. The return of the three-piece means that the waistcoat has to be consistent and, thus, in the same fabric as the suit’s other two pieces.


Such three-pieces appear more sharp and structured


and give contour to your body



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