Be Suit Smart
Be Suit Smart

Things to look for when buying a suit by Tony O’Connor of Marks & Spencer

Always make sure you buy the correct size – ask staff to measure you before you start looking at anything.  A tight suit will mean the fabric will wear thin and split, whilst a suit that is too big will be unflattering.


Have a clear idea in your mind of what fit of suit you would like. Choose between Regular, Tailored, Slim and Super Slim.  Our slimmest fit is on Limited Collection suits.


Once you know your sizes and what fit of suit you would like, decide on colour. Autograph has some great blue pieces, Collezione some key grey styles and Limited some slim-fitting black suits.


Choose between single and double-breasted styles. Double-breasted jackets can be more formal, but can also work well when pairing with jeans for a dressed-down look.


Go for a fresh look in the warmer months with lighter colours – either clean greys or modern neutrals from Autograph worn with pattern shirt and tie combinations. Darker shades are suitable for any occasion.


Decide on whether you want a 2-piece or 3-piece suit. With a three-piece, you look dressy whether your jacket is unbuttoned or not.


Focus on deciding between peak and notch lapels. Peak lapels traditionally tend to be more formal, whilst notch lapels are more commonly found on everyday work suits.


Choose suitings with a leaner tailored shape and cut to create a modern look, for example those in the Collezione range.


For a suit to be used on more than one occasion – work or social – think of the Savile Row inspired retro silver grey suits of the 60’s worn with crisp white shirts and tonal patterned ties.


To make your suit last longer, buy additional trousers. The trousers tend to be the first thing to wear so buying an extra pair is always a good idea.

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