Actor Jim Sarbh Gets Up, Close And Personal About His Sense Of Style
Style File: Jim Sarbh

The unconventional Bollywood star takes MW’s rapid fire. Excerpts:

There’s something imperceptibly charming about those who like to do things differently. And the first person that comes to mind is Rocket Boys actor Jim Sarbh— an inherently stylish star, who wears his unabashed, if sometimes quirky, sense of fashion on his sleeve. And is raring to spill his sartorial secrets to the world. The unconventional Bollywood star takes MW’s rapid fire. Excerpts: 


Five grooming essentials you swear by: 


Soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. Toothpaste. Facewash. Deodorant.  


One perfume we’ll always find on your dressing table? 




 Three recurring products on your monthly shopping cart.  


Sol de Janeiro shampoo and conditioner, All Spice deodorant, Crest toothpaste.  


 If you became a fashion influencer, what would your Instagram handle be called? Hespoke, or… Hot Couture, or… hoBo, or… in Rogue, or… I wouldn’t become a fashion influencer.  


 If you had to nominate another celebrity to style you, who would you pick?  


Barry Koeghan. 


 Three things that make a good suit. 


Clean lines, perfect fit, attention to detail.  


 If you had a million dollars to spend on one luxury purchase, what would that be?  


A house. 


 Describe your personal style in three words.  


Lion has mane. 


  One clothing item you’re currently wearing on repeat.  


Leili Kasraie Studio’s amphora pendant necklace. 


 A piece of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead in.  


Bit extreme this question. Taste can change. Or circumstances. What if someone (post-murdering me) dressed me up in pantyhose?  


Three fashion brands you genuinely believe deliver a bang for your buck.  


Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Nike.  


Watches or wheels?  


At the moment watches, but I am eyeing some wheels. 


 A woman whose style sense you’re really into. 


 Marie Antoinette. Rihanna.  


 An ensemble you think you look best in.  


T-shirt tucked in, necklace, open shirt, high-waisted pants, boots. 

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