MW's Style Rapid Fire With CKAY
Style File: CKay

We sit with the Nigerian artiste to understand more about his personal style

With a flair for fusing Afrobeats with a touch of pop and psychedelia, Chukwuka Ekweani AKA CKay visited India for the first time this year, sending crowds wild with his chart-topping hit, Love Nwantiti. We sit with the Nigerian artiste to understand more about his personal style


Describe your personal style in three words 


Free, comfortable, and dynamic. 


Three things that make a good ensemble? 


Chemistry, Chemistry, and Chemistry! 


If you had to nominate another celebrity to style you, who would you pick? 


A$AP Rocky. 



Watches or wheels?  




Five wardrobe essentials you swear by? 


I think every guy should keep a good selection of T-shirts, sneakers, hoodies, jeans, and sunglasses to complete their look. 


Three recurring products that are always in your monthly shopping cart? 


I’m always purchasing new shoes, shirts or sweatshirts, and perfumes. 


You have a million dollars to spend on any luxury purchase — what would you buy? 


I think property would be the right choice. 


What’s a clothing item you’re currently wearing on repeat? 


Hoodies are my favorite! 


What’s your go-to scent/perfume? 


I prefer Ralph Lauren’s Oud the most. 



Three celebrities who you think are true style icons? 


A$AP Rocky, Luka Sabbat, and Kali Uchis are the ones to follow. 


What’s an outfit you’re confident you can rock better than anyone else? 


My Ralph Lauren suit — fits me like it was made for me. 


Three fashion brands you genuinely can’t get enough of? 


Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and of course, Ralph Lauren. 

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