Spartak Moscow Troll Bayern Munich's "Laughable Offer" For Liverpool Striker Sadio Mane
Spartak Moscow Troll Bayern Munich’s ‘Laughable Offer’ For Liverpool Striker Sadio Mane 

Liverpool conveyed to Bayern not to step up again unless they have an offer north of £40m.

It seems Liverpool fans were not the only ones to find Bayern Munich’s offer for their star player Sadio Mane laughable. Spartak Moscow, known for their witty social media presence, too joined the party, mocking the German club for their niggardly offer in a hilarious post.


Bayern Munich desperately need some reinforcements, after two of their main forwards, Serge Gnabry and Robert Lewandowski, have cleared their intention of leaving the club. While Gnabry is eyeing a move back to the Premier League, Lewandowski is rumored to join Barcelona next summer.

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The Polish striker, who has a year left in the contract, publicly expressed his desire to leave Bayern. He stated: “My era at Bayern is over. I don’t see any possibility to continue playing for this club anymore,” he told local media in Germany.”


“Bayern’s a serious club and I believe they won’t keep me, I don’t want to play there anymore. A transfer is the best solution. I hope they don’t stop me. I hope Bayern won’t stop me just because I’ve a contract until June 2023… maybe I can give you information after international matches.”

Bayern has identified Sadio Mane as their top target, but their measly offer of £30m has been rejected by Liverpool. The Bavarian giant wanted to pay only £23.5m upfront, and the rest of the money was to be paid in add-ons. 

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Not only Mane will have to claim the Ballon d’Or title thrice, but Bayern should also win three Bundesliga titles in a row, for Liverpool to receive the rest of the amount. They have already conveyed to Bayern not to step up again unless they have an offer north of £40m and without such ridiculous clauses.


In light of this incident, Spartak Moscow posted a spoof email, offering their player Alexander Sobolov for just 1000 euros. They also added a clause that they will give 10,000,000 euros as a bonus if Bayern win the Eurovision contest, and 15,00,000 euros more if Manchester United wins another trophy. 

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