The Sneaker Customization Artists To Bookmark
 The Sneaker Customisation Artists To Bookmark

From celebrity collaborations to unique designs, these artists are transforming sneakers into personalized works of art






Chaitanya Dixit


Che is the brainchild of artist Chaitanya Dixit, who customises sneakers with an extensive range of designs to make them truly unique. He’s collaborated with brands like Puma and Reebok on several occasions and his clientele includes the likes of Ranbir Kapoor. Nike Air Force 1’s are his favourite canvas although there’s no shoe he can’t take on. His works are varied with respect to style and budget—starting at ₹3,000 and going up to approximately ₹9,000 depending on the complexity of the design.







Nishant Fogaat                      


Shuttling between New Delhi and Osaka in Japan hasn’t stopped Nishant Fogaat from pumping up your kicks and getting them delivered to you in crisp fashion. The founder of FOGI (Full of Great Ideas), he’s best known for upcycling shoes and customising everything from cleats to high tops in colours you haven’t seen yet. The NIFT graduate has also worked extensively with brands like Puma, Absolut, VegNonVeg, Jameson and Bhaane. Disclaimer: prepare to shell out close to ₹10,000 for your OG pair, excluding shipping charges.







Vaishak Seraphim                  


His customisation journey began at school as a hobby because he didn’t like the boring look of standard shoes and today it’s resulted in him creating joker-themed Yeezy’s to all kinds of Air Jordan’s. But what impresses us most about Seraphim is that his artistic web stretches beyond sneakers and covers hype wear, too, including bags and boxing gloves. Still, a major name in the sneaker-sphere, he’s collaborated with popular sneakerheads in the country, most notably Virat Kohli and Varun Dhawan.







Saigun Grover            


The man behind Courtside, Saigun Grover’s designs stand out for their whimsy and lightheartedness—think floral patterns, cartoons and animal prints. Based in New Delhi, Grover applies different techniques to fancify your sneakers, including painting, embroidery, de-construction and stitching. Opt for one or be daring and get him to apply all of your box-fresh kicks. 







Mana Santhanam                  


The founder of Mana Custom Art, this multi-talented artist—she’s a singer too and has appeared on MTV Unplugged during Guru Randhawa’s performance—her designs consist of famous paintings like Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’, movie characters like Batman, Joker, Harry Potter, anime, and all things trending. The famous rapper Raftaar sure loved his Santhanam-stamped ‘Dragonball Z’ themed shoes and so will you. 

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