Week One: The Shows You Should Be Watching This Week
Week One: The Shows You Should Be Watching This Week

Three Netflix shows you need to check out

Altered Carbon:


Based on a popular science-fiction novel, Altered Carbon stands out as one of the most visually striking shows on television. Set in the year 2349, the show features a dystopian, cyberpunk future in which the human consciousness can be downloaded onto a drive. This makes death very much less than permanent; but the catch is that reanimation in a new body is financially prohibitive. This leads to a society in which the rich have become essentially immortal and the poor their mere pawns. The story follows a mysterious fallen soldier brought back to life to investigate the murder of one of the uber-wealthy, who has managed a new body and seeks his mysterious assailant. The show is worth watching for the depth in which it explores its concepts, and the sheer film quality brilliance of the action scenes and visual design.


The End of the F**king World:


One of the most original shows I have watched in a long time. Based on a graphic novel, the show follows two disenchanted, dissociated teenagers who run away from home and the law together. The dialogue is sharp and witty, and the cinematography faithful to recreating the vibe of the book. The show highlights teenage issues such as self-esteem, social isolation, and love set against the backdrop of immensely dark, dry storytelling. There are only eight twenty-odd minute long episodes which feed beautifully into each other, making it easy to burn through the single season in a single night in.




Pure guilty pleasure. A remake of a cult Eighties soap-opera, Dynasty maintains all the drama of the original with a slightly more subtle hand to make it more serious for modern audiences. The show follows two of Atlanta’s richest, most powerful families and their intertwined exploits in business, crime, and love. Each scene moves the story forward, making the show fast-paced and immensely watchable. The glitz, glamour, and flash of the main characters and their lives provides an ideal escapist outlet, allowing the viewer to turn off, relax, and succumb to the spectacle.


Image Credits: Netflix screen-grab 

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