She-Hulk Confirms That Captain America Had Lost His Virginity
Twitter Is On Fire After ‘She-Hulk’ Reveals Captain America ‘Had Sex’ In MCU

And, Bruce Banner makes the big reveal!

The romantic lives of superheroes have always been a subject of intrigue. Be it those unexpected steamy moments during action scenes, or stealing some cozy moments alone; fans have always expressed their desire to see more intimacy onscreen. Turns out, the first episode of She-Hulk digs rather deep into Captain America aka Steve Roger’s sexual past.


However, there’s one question that continues to remain a mystery: Was Captain America a virgin in the MCU? While things haven’t really been great on this front in the older versions, it now appears that the post-credit scenes from She-Hulk may have finally brought that topic to rest. The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law made a giant reveal about Captain America’s virginity, as the end of the show shed light on how Rogers reportedly lost his virginity to an unnamed girl during the USO tour in 1943.

 While it’s old news that Rogers was imprisoned in ice after his first kiss with a woman he was clearly more than friends with, the love of his life is too old to even stand. The last thing we remember is that of Rogers assuring lover Peggy Carter that he’d ask her out for dance post his return.

However, just like us, Jennifer Walters aka the She-Hulk, kept prodding her cousin the He-Hulk Bruce Banner about Roger’s virginity in the episode. And well, the million-dollar question was finally answered by Banner after the two got intoxicated later that evening on the show.

Interestingly enough, Walters takes up this topic twice, and her response about speculating it just right sparked a hilarious furor online.  Evans has commented too, btw!

Here are a few tweets that certainly deserve a mention!

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Not only the fans but even Chris Evas reacted to his revelation and it is hilarious. Here check it out:

And to these emojis, the Hulk also replied: 

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