Sevenfriday Celebrates India With Limited Edition Off-Series
Sevenfriday Celebrates India With Limited Edition Off-Series

Here’s some exciting news for all watch enthusiasts!

Here’s some exciting news for all watch enthusiasts! This spring, Sevenfriday celebrates the culture, colours, and the diversity of India with an exclusive 100-piece offering of the M1/06 India Off-Series. 


Taking its inspiration from this 4,500-year old country’s bustling cities, soaring Himalayas, and endless coastlines, Sevenfriday’s stunning new collection encapsulates the spirit and the passion of the brand and the people of India. 



At the launch, Sevenfriday’s CEO and co-founder Dan Niederer stated how, “India is a design savvy country always on the lookout for products that not only function but also surprise and delight. The experience, message, technicality and story also matter”.


While the Sevenfriday M-Series watches share the same basic silhouette as the P-Series models with their lugless 47mm wide cases, the concept and dials are very distinctive. Using spinning discs instead of hands to indicate the time is a time-honored albeit niche approach to adding design variety to a timepiece and is a characteristic peculiar to the Sevenfriday M-Series.



The limited edition features green, orange, and white components on its three custom discs with an addition of two small Indian flags embellished on the minute plate and the surrounding décor plate. A further dedication to India is the implementation of the number “12” written in Hindi symbols. The dark anthracite calf skin leather strap with yellow stitching as well as the green and yellow loops accentuate the robust, but fresh look of this piece. Another unique bit is the map of India printed on the caseback. And behind the map is the NFC chip which allows its owner to authenticate the watch through the Sevenfriday mobile application. 


The limited edition M1/06 India Off-Series was launched on the 5th of May and is now available at a store near you.    

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