Seven ways to tie a scarf
Seven ways to tie a scarf

The way you tie your scarf says a lot about your personality




A classic. The easiest way to wear a scarf is to throw it around your neck and let it hang loose. Wear your jacket over it, or you can just tuck it into your three-piece suit.




Reverse drape


Although it looks like a snood from the front, if you wish to not show the loose ends of your scarf, then a reverse drape is a great way to cheat.



Over hand


It is the simplest knot that you can wear and learn, and ideal to keep you warm during a quick commute to work.



Once around


To make this look as effortless as possible, just twist it and drape it loosely as though you didn’t give much of a thought into styling it.



Twice around


A twice around knot is great when it comes to keeping you warm during those colder days. Style it with crew-neck T-shirts and Nehru-collared jackets.



Parisian knot


One of the most popular and stylish ways to tie a scarf, a Parisian knot looks great when teamed up with a short leather jacket.




Four-in- hand knot


It may look like a complicated knot, but if you want to go off the beaten road and try something different, a four-in-hand knot is a good option. It is almost like wearing a tie, so make sure that there is a slight difference in the length of your scarf.

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