Say goodbye to Playboy magazine as you know it
Say goodbye to Playboy magazine as you know it

‘No more naked women’, says Hugh Hefner

No, this isn’t a piece from The Onion. Beginning March 2016, Hugh Hefner has actually agreed to stop publishing photos of fully naked women in what is probably the most iconic men’s magazine in the world. In an online space where every kind of unclothed body part is a (completely free) click away, the magazine’s management has said that publishing all-nude spreads no longer makes sense. Playboy has seen its US sales plummet to 800,000-odd copies a year, from its glory days of over five million copies a year, and clearly it sees the need to reinvent itself, after a 62-year run.


According to reports, Playboy will soon be a PG-13 rated magazine, with pictures of women in provocative poses but no actual nudity; the magazine’s website has already been redesigned and is (gasp) quite safe for work. We’re not sure whether this is a surefire indicator that the end of the world is nigh, but it’s definitely the end of an era. Excuse us while we head to eBay and buy up the Playboy back catalogue.

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