Saturday Style Tips
Saturday Style Tips

Michelin Star Celebrity Chef, Sergi Arola tells us how to make a style statement

*My personal sense of style is very rock ‘n’roll. I keep it simple, with vintage t-shirts and denims, finished with bombers and biker boots. It works for me – every time, everywhere.


*I still dress like I was 20. Nothing has changed apart from the colour of my hair.


*We are the first generation that is spoilt for choice. There was only so much our grandparents had to pick from, whether it was which restaurant to dine at or what to wear. We should be grateful for the many options we have since there is a lot to choose from.


*I have 22 tattoos. Some choose big and elaborate inks but mine are small and artistic. Each has a story to tell. I got my first tattoo when I divorced my first wife 13 years ago. It is a red rose that reminds me how tough marriage can be, at times…


*I would never be caught wearing a shirt, tie or formal jacket. Not unless I have a bank interview or have to attend a funeral! I own a few Dior suits that I never wear. I’ll rent a tuxedo if necessary – I don’t see the point in owning something I am going to wear only once or twice a year.


*I haven’t made a single extravagant purchase in the last year and a half. One of the intelligent things about the economic crisis in Spain is that we’ve changed on a scale of values. So maybe seven or eight years I ago I was obsessed with buying merchandise, but now I really think twice before deciding to own something. My sense of aesthetic has become very minimalistic.


*I love wearing Lewis leather jackets but obviously not in Mumbai.


*I think Japan is the most forward fashion destination. If you go to Tokyo, you will find that I dress just like they do. I find Japanese brands exceptional, especially UnderCover, Visvim and Evisu. While I don’t travel to Japan as often as I would like to, internet shopping has made the world an accessible mall.


*I have worn the same belt for the last 15 years. I swear by this brand of old, recycled military belts from Holland called Duke’s – not Gucci nor Dior and far more expensive, but no one knows.


*Durable fashion. That defines my sensibilities; I pay for quality, not a brand. It is about the relationship I have with the goods I own. I currently own seven belts by a brand called Duke’s.


*I would never advise another man what to wear. Every man should develop his own sense of style. I copy no one and I want no one to ape me. Your style is your personality – a result of your life and experiences.


*I have never owned a car. I rode my first bike – a small Montesa when I was 14 years old which began a lifelong love affair with motorbikes. I have three bikes at the moment – a BMW, a Triumph and a Harley Davidson.


*Travelling to Africa on volunteer work for the children there taught me how excessive luxury can be.


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