Samsung Launches The World’s First QLED 8K TV In India
Samsung Launches The World’s First QLED 8K TV In India

Just in case you have 60 lakhs to splurge on a TV

A couple of years back we spent a few days with Samsung’s path-breaking ‘The Frame’ TV. Samsung positioned this as more than just an entertainment solution, it was probably part TV part lifestyle accessory. A TV that could transform into a work of art with a flick of a switch and confidently rub shoulders with objects d’art in your living room. Two years later, Samsung builds on the same design philosophy with a screen that is as immersive as it gets.



Samsung calls this the world’s first QLED 8K TV with displays that pack 33 million pixels. It’s plenty; especially given that it’s 16 times the resolution of your everyday Full HD TV or four times the resolution of a 4KUHD TV, currently the gold standard. All these are mere numbers and they only began to make sense as we spent time with this entire range of QLED 8K TVs. One of the challenges that surround any next wave TV tech is the fact that most Content has not been repurposed to allow you to take advantage of those dazzling screens. This range of QLED 8K TVs has a clever trick up its sleeve.



Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology is driven by machine learning and upscales video and sound to 8K irrespective of the original source or format. So, whether you’re streaming content from Netflix or beaming videos you shot on your smartphone, your TV immediately upscales the Content to 8K.


It’s not just pictures that are stunning on the TV. The TV transforms into a virtual bezel-less TV frame that blends into the living room wall and can display a wide range of Content from the day’s weather or works of art. You could also add your own photographs with a range of artistic effects to add a personalised element to your living space. This emphasis on aesthetics is a key element in Samsung’s approach. This range also features Samsung’s One Invisible Connection and One Connect Box that eliminate all the wires that typically add clutter to living spaces. This translucent cable is barely visible and connects all external devices to the TV. It also clings to your living room wall like a painting with its unique ‘no gap’ wall mount


Smart assistants are an integral part of modern premium TVs and this one’s got Bixby (Samsung’s ever-improving digital assistant) baked in. There’s also Google Assistant support in the mix; you can control your TV with voice commands making use of the Far Field Voice Capability feature on the One Remote. The QLED 8K TVs also offer Apple AirPlay 2 support allowing you to hook up Apple devices and play videos, photos or music from those devices. It’s one of the many useful touches in a Television that truly pushes the boundaries with image quality and innovations.


 Samsung’s new range of QLED 8K TVs starts at Rs 10,99,900 and INR 16,99,900 for the 75-inch (189 cm), and 82-inch (207 cm) variants respectively. The 98-inch (247 cm) variant of the QLED 8K TV, is priced at INR 59,99,900, and will only be made to order. A 65-inch (163 cm) version will be available in July. Samsung also unveiled its QLED line-up for 2019 that includes sixteen models in a range of sizes.

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