Review: Logitech Pop Keys
Review: Logitech Pop Keys

The Logitech Pop Keys keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries that are included in the box, and it can be paired with 3 devices




  • A cool blend of funky colours and a vintage aesthetic

  • It looks like an old-school typewriter and has mechanical keys that give a satisfying click, clack and pop with every press.

  • Gets 8 swappable emoji keys that can be mixed and matched

  • The Easy Switch keys option allows you to pair up with up to 3 devices (including laptops, tabs and smartphones), and switch typing between them with a single tap

  • Logitech promises three years of battery life from a pair of AAA batteries (included)




Desktop keyboards are meant to be boring right? That’s one of the myths that Logitech’s new keyboard is out to bust. This one’s good for the gram and will certainly get you lot of attention at your neighbourhood hipster cafe, but how well does it do the job?


Funky design breaks the clutter


Logitech has pushed design boundaries with the Pop Keys. We dig the vintage aesthetic that gets a refresh with a choice of three cool colour options. If you’re tired of black, white or silver, Pop Keys comes in as a breath of fresh air. We checked out Daydream, an interesting interplay of lavender, yellow and peppermint green. There’s also Blast, a black and yellow option with an industrial chic vibe and the Heartbreaker option that would have made a good Valentine’s Day gift with its splash of red and pink.



Old-school typewriter charm


The set-up is simple. The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries that are included. It pairs instantly via Bluetooth; I tested it out with a MacBook and an iPad, and it was seamless. You can pair up to three devices (including smartphones). The Easy Switch keys option allows you switch typing between them with a single tap. I love the rounded keys; it’s reminiscent of typewriter’s and it works well. I also enjoyed the click and pop that accompanies every press. It all comes together really well.


Range of expression


If you’re one of those types who also uses messaging apps like WhatsApp from your laptop or desktop, you might appreciate the 8 swappable emoji keys on offer. You can easily mix and match them to suit your mood, and there are also a few additional keys in the box which you can swap around.



It takes some getting used to; I’m not sure if you’re likely to use these emoji keys frequently. It’s still a nice to have the function. It’s the same for the keyboard itself; typing takes some time getting used to, especially if you’re moving from a larger keyboard or one you’re used to (a MacBook keyboard in my case). It’s a good experience overall, but I wish Logitech had included backlit keys.



Practical purposes?


If you’re an attention seeker on Instagram (aren’t we all?), the Logitech Pop Keys gives you one more product to show off. This one, however, is more than just a ‘reel-worthy’ keyboard. We like the design aesthetic and the sound of this one, and it’s quite comfortable to type on, but it’s still a case of form over function.


The Logitech Pop Keys keyboard costs Rs 9,995 and comes in three colours – Daydream, Blast and Heartbreaker. The Pop Mouse costs Rs 2,995.




Photo credit: Ashwin Rajagopalan, Logitech

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