Real Women Reveal The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On
Real Women Reveal The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

It’s about to get really weird

If someone were to list out all the things that turn women on they would probably sum it up with anything or everything under a sun. That’s the complexity of the matter. Your weird might not be someone else’s weird. To think of it there can be some really strange things that make us go all kinky. From a well-kept beard to armpits, the list can be all sorts of bizarre. To shed some light on this we asked a few women on what are the weirdest things that can turn them on: 


“I find guys with well-defined calf muscles to be really attractive. Not too big or muscular. Just the right kind of definition.” – Neha K

“I like it when a guy can speak in different languages. I find it to be extremely sexy. Makes me want to jump on him” – Aayushi A 

“Septum piercings are an immediate turn on. Just something about it that I can’t explain.” – Riane 

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“For me its the morning voice when a guy is half asleep. That and when he has nice moisturized hands. Those are the best kind.” – Samantha V


“This one time my boyfriend was shaving his beard and I found it to be really hot. Watching him shave really turned me on.” – Priya G

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“Warm rooms or anything with a cozy atmosphere is an instant turn on. its almost like a problem but I can’t help it.” – Karen D


“When a guy cooks a meal for me. Oh god, that’s HOT.” – Richa R

“A guy caring about nature and environment in general and speaks strongly about it. Gives me a weird sensation but also makes me really happy.” – Gauri N

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