Real People Reveal Their Scariest Experiences Of Buying Marijuana
Real People Reveal Their Scariest Experiences Of Buying Marijuana

If you have an experience that’s scarier, then do let us know in the comments section.

A lot of people think that marijuana is the best thing on the planet, and people who aren’t smoking a doobie, are missing out on one of the purest pleasures known to mankind. That said, bad trips are very common and sometimes, buying marijuana can land you in big trouble. We spoke to some of our friends, and almost all of them have had a tough time scoring weed at some point of time in their lives. 


“It was 2 AM in the night. We were drunk, and to top off our high, we decided to smoke some ganja. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any with us. But we had money, and we thought that if we could go to the dealer and knock on his door long enough, we’ll be able to get some weed. It didn’t work out. There was a raid done on the dealer’s house that day itself, and as soon as we reached the place, the police got hold of us. We said that our intention wasn’t to buy weed, but they said that nobody would come to a remote house like this unless they wanted weed. Soon after, we were taken to a police station and the whole experience was so scary. We thought our life was ruined, our jobs would have to go and we would have to spend months in jail. Thankfully, they let us off after taking Rs. 2000 from each one of us. We’ve never scored weed from the same place again,” said Rajan Rao, a fourth year engineering student. 


If you thought that was scary, wait till you hear the next one. “I was all alone and had just got down from my car to go to the place where they sold weed. It was a small hut near a small hill, and not many people were there. As soon as I went close to the house, I heard a huge scream and saw a man running out with one of his fingers cut. It made my blood curdle and I ran away as fast as I could. In fact, such was the impact of the incident that whenever I smoked weed after that, the image of that man would come back to me. Ultimately, it got too much, and I had to quit smoking up altogether,” said Jiten Kumar, a PR executive. 


And if you thought, it couldn’t get scarier than that, wait till you hear the third and the last one. “I was already stoned when I went to buy marijuana all alone to a place near Sanpada railway station. From far away only, I saw the cops and started running backwards. But since I was stoned, and hadn’t bought anything from that dealer before, I had a major paranoia trip. I didn’t see that the pavement had a huge rock and banged my legs straight into it. I fractured my left leg at two places, and had to be lifted to the ambulance by a few kind people who were there. It was so painful, and it took me a long time to recover from that,” said Kapil Patil, a third year B.Com student. 


If you have an experience that’s scarier, then do let us know in the comments below. 


*Names have been changed on request 

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