Real People Reveal How They Quit Alcohol
Real People Reveal How They Quit Alcohol

If you didn’t check yourself before you wrecked yourself, consider going to a doctor.

Some time back, we did a story where we asked real people about how they quit smoking. We loved the response we got from you guys, and decided to do something similar on alcohol addiction as well. Indeed, drinking alcohol every day can ruin things and quotes like ‘alcohol is not a solution, but it makes you forget the problems’ are indeed in poor taste.  


“I used to drink thrice or four times a week and a lot of it because I had a stressful job. In fact, I felt sometimes that it was difficult to have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone unless there was alcohol involved. It was only after I had some digestive problems and got a sonography done, that I realized my liver had swollen. I stopped immediately out of pure fear, and things are much better now. Thankfully, I saw a doctor at the right time,” says Raman Chopra, a bank executive. 


Some people feel that a life-changing blackout can be a blessing in disguise. “I could have died that night. I don’t remember anything. I mixed drinks, and after a while it got so blurry, that I felt like no amount of alcohol could quench my thirst. I kept drinking it like it was water. I fell on the street, and thankfully, my friend was there to drop me back home safely,” says Karan Kapoor, an assistant director. 


While fear may help, the withdrawal symptoms are real. “Eating fruits and exercising helped me a lot. Staying hydrated was another major help. It was important to keep myself occupied and learn new things, and when that niggling sensation to drink would hit, I would go for a run,” says Akansha Ahluwalia, a TYBSc student. 


Also while gradual reduction of smoking doesn’t really work, it’s not the same with alcohol. “I never exceed my quota. It’s two times a week, and not more than 2 pegs. It keeps me on my feet, and relaxes me. In fact, I have read that a little alcohol is even good for your heart,” says Kyra Sharma, a marketing executive. 


Finally, if you didn’t check yourself before you wrecked yourself, consider going to a doctor. There are drugs like Naltrexone that can help, and if you’re totally incorrigible, you might as well get admitted for a month. No shame in healing yourself. Choose life. Not alcohol. 


(Names have been changed to protect identity.)

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