Rana Daggubati's Instagram Will Give You Major Fitness Goals
Rana Daggubati’s Instagram Will Give You Major Fitness Goals

Happy Birthday, Rana Daggubati.

Happy Birthday, Rana Daggubati. 


We loved you as the antagonist in the Baahubali series, and we’re loving the way you’re sharing your beast mode workouts on Instagram. While we can certainly not aspire to have a body just like you, you do give us major impetus to hit the gym in beast mode. 




I mean just look at the way you’re ripped. That takes a lot of dedication – both in terms of exercise and diet, and we admire you for it. 




We really want to know the weight with which you’re training your biceps here, but we know it’s probably more than double (or triple) of what we’re capable of. 




That’s the way you celebrated your Diwali,  you say. You teach us how fitness should be a priority come rain or shine. 




That’s your diet. Not only are we sure that it’s healthy, it looks yummylicious too. 




Again, you can see the attitude to train insane in your eyes, and it makes us want to extend our gym membership. 


And it wasnt like you were genetically gifted with a great body. “A myth that operated for a year was that my broad structure secretly held a deadly body. I was so wary of my burgeoning tummy that I would conceal it by wearing very loose clothes,” you said in an interview with The Times Of India. 


We hope you remain like this for years to come, and all the best with your career. 





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