"Maybe I'll Get With Both Of You," Neymar Exposed By Volleyball Twins For Creepy Proposal
Neymar Gets Exposed By Brazilian Volleyball Twins For Creepy Proposal

Neymar fails horribly…

Even someone as popular as Neymar faces rejection because popularity doesn’t make you immune to silly, or even borderline creepy behaviour which is not at all fashionable. Neymar tried to make advances towards the Brazilian volleyball twins of Key Alves and Keyt Alves at the same time, and when he was confronted by one of the sisters, he replied, “Who knows, maybe I’ll get with both of you.”


The revelation was made by Key and Keyt, the star volleyball twins who don’t need any introduction for anyone who follows volleyball. Key, also an influencer and the most followed volleyball player on Instagram with over 7 million followers, is currently a participant in Big Brother Brasil.


He was chatting with my twin sister, before she was in a relationship”, she said. “Then she started dating (someone) and he stopped. Then what did he do? He sent me a message, as if the two of us hadn’t discussed him calling her.”










Key added that she played along for some time before calling him out, also adding that if he had not texted her sister Keyt, she would have flown to Paris without any hesitation.


“My sister and I, we talk about everything, did he really think I wouldn’t mention it? Now, if he hadn’t sent her a message, if he’d only sent one to me, I’d already be over in Paris. Don’t you think so? Taking a stroll, right?” she added.






Key makes a lion’s share of her income from her OnlyFans, where she doesn’t post any nudity or NSFW content. “The photos I post on my OnlyFans page are totally intended for ‘light’ and professional sessions. No nudity or anything like that. Anyone looking for this on my profile won’t find it,” she added.


Neymar is having a decent season at PSG, where he forms one-third of the fearsome attacking triplet, comprising Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. He found some unwanted attention after a picture of him playing poker immediately after PSG’s loss to Bayern Munich got viral on the internet.

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