This Post-Graduate Student Is Gujarat's First Female Chauffeur
This Post-Graduate Student Is Gujarat’s First Female Chauffeur

Monica Yadav is a part-time Uber cab driver from Ahmedabad whose undying passion for driving cars led to her career choice.


This woman is surely a great example of what you can achieve, once you follow your heart and pay no heed to what society says or perceives about you. A post-graduation student at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Monica Yadav is a part-time Uber cab driver from Ahmedabad whose undying passion for driving cars led to her career choice.


She is the first female chauffer in Gujarat, who took this up because of her love for travelling and exploring newer places. According to her Facebook post, which went viral for the right reasons, she states, “After completing my graduation last year from Jaipur, I got selected at CEPT Ahmedabad for my post-graduation programme. I did my graduation in Architecture, and it is a field where you have to work very hard and work on assignments for several months.


For the past five years I was studying and doing assignments and projects and it was something very frustrating so once I came to Ahmedabad, I decided to do something adventurous. I asked myself: what if God erases the past five years from my life, then who am I? And what is my actual passion? Since I’m a person who hates the same monotonous life. I have travelled almost every state in India and also a few international destinations. I am not someone who will spend her entire life doing a 9-5 desk job. I love travelling, love exploring newer places and love meeting new people, and above all, I love driving because that’s where my passion lies. I can drive a car for 12 hours at a stretch and after a small break, can continue driving for the next 12 hours.


So I realized, how about I pursue something related to driving. I approached Ola Cabs for the job of a female chauffeur but they turned it down, maybe because they thought that a young girl wouldn’t be able to drive a car. Then I approached Uber Cabs and they were happy with my idea of being a female chauffeur. They welcomed me on board and said you can join us from the very next day.”


Next, she states how she was initially nervous about it all, but with every new customer, her confidence increased. She wakes up every morning at 5 a.m and begins driving until about 8:30 a.m, after which she attends college and eventually resumes work from 6 p.m until 10: 00 p.m. She also confesses how the best thing about her work is that she gets to meet people from different walks of life who have a lot of interesting stories to tell. She sometimes also receives requests to teach people how to drive and she willingly obliges. Read the full post here:



She is certainly an inspiration for many others who wish to follow their hearts, don’t you think so? 



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