A 'Pokémon Go' Inspired World Of Warcraft Mobile Game Is In The Making
A ‘Pokémon Go’ Inspired World Of Warcraft Mobile Game Is In The Making

Don’t expect a wild Pikachu or Charizard to appear while playing the game

Blizzard is developing a new Warcraft spin-off based on the mega-hit mobile game Pokémon Go, according to a report from Kotaku.


Cory Stockton, the lead designer of World of Warcraft, is a big fan of the game and the report said how employees at Blizzard competitively play Pokémon Go almost every day. However, the new Warcraft game will not be completely like Pokémon, but will have “a lot more to it” and will also include single-player gameplay. 


Not a lot of information has been revealed about this Pokémon Go inspired game, because the original lengthy in-depth report was written on Blizzard’s Diablo franchise. The game received a lot backlash from gaming fans after it was announced at Blizzard’s annual gaming convention, Blizzcon, last month. 


It will definitely be interesting to see how if Blizzard will manage to nail this new theme for their Warcraft game after the terrible reactions they got for Diablo. The new mobile game is currently being developed by a Blizzard “incubation team” and will be made available on almost every major smartphone platform. 

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