Oscars 2018: Funniest Oscar Moments of All Time:
Oscars 2018: Funniest Oscar Moments of All Time:

A look back at the ceremony’s lightest moments


  1. J-Lo gets parodied:


South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone showed up together to the 72nd awards each wearing dresses which had both been previously worn and made famous by Jennifer Lopez.





  1. Liz Taylor’s unexpected visitor:


In 1974, film legend Elizabeth Taylor was all set to present the award for Best Picture when Robert Opal jumped on stage in his birthday suit. Unflustered, Taylor announced the winner even as the streaker made his way across stage.





  1. James Franco channels Marilyn:


Hosting the Oscars is an unforgiving gig, with many failing to strike the right tone for the event. James Franco realized this in 2011 with a much-maligned presentation, but he almost made up for it with his hilarious impersonation of Marilyn Monroe.





  1. Jennifer’s tumble:


Jennifer Lawrence has gained legions of fans for her approachable, relaxed persona. However, she may have wished she held a little more poise when she went up to collect her Oscar for Best Actress in 2013, as she fell on her way to the stage.





  1. Daniel Day-Lewis seeks further honors:


Upon collecting the award for Best Actor in 2008, Day-Lewis jokingly asked presenter Helen Mirren to knight him on stage. Film royalty she may be, unfortunately the ability to give us Sir Day-Lewis is out of Mirren’s grasp.





  1. Ellen keeps the people fed:


In 2014, host and television personality Ellen DeGeneres delighted the crowd and was possibly responsible for the biggest delivery tip of all time, as she had pizza delivered halfway through the ceremony for everybody.





  1. Warren Beatty does a Steve Harvey:


Months after the wrong winner was announced at the Ms. Universe competition, the Oscars featured a slip-up of their own at the 2017 ceremony. The cast of La La Land flooded the stage after it was announced as Best Picture, only for it to be recognized that the slip with the winner was for Best Actress, and Moonlight had actually won Best Picture.

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