OPPO Enco Buds 2 Review
OPPO Enco Buds 2 Review

OPPO’s budget TWS earbuds don’t cut too many corners

It’s raining budget TWS earbuds. OPPO’s Enco Buds 2 are the newest buds to join the party and they come at Rs 1,799. It’s not just these buds, the segment is cluttered with options that prove that budget ain’t cheap anymore. Almost a year ago we checked out the Enco Buds, the predecessor and we called it one of the best at the sub Rs 2,000 price point. The Buds 2 are even cheaper and are packaged in an all-new case. The big question is – do they cut too many corners? The short answer – they don’t.



Life comes a full circle


The Enco Buds 2 case stands out in a crowd. That’s a huge compliment in this segment that’s loaded with consumer choices across price points. That’s in part because of a unique circular shape that is a complete overhaul from the capsule-shaped case of the first gen Enco Buds. It’s available only in black and the case features a matte finish. It’s a thoughtful design touch that makes sure it’s easy to clasp. It’s also compact enough to slip into your jeans or clutch. OPPO plays up the long stems of the buds. According to OPPO this offers a larger and more sensitive touch area that allows easier touch control. We tend to agree. The buds weigh about 4 gm each and are quite comfortable even for long periods.



Up and running


These buds are easy to pair. I paired them with an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy device without any dramas. The Hey Melody App on the iPhone doesn’t recognise these buds, but you can still pair it and take advantage of the pre-programmed controls. The Android App allows you to launch multiple functions from gaming mode to activating your voice assistant with a series of customisable taps. You also get a choice of three sound modes – Original sound, bass boost and clear vocals.



Bang and bass for the buck


The Enco Buds 2 do a decent job with calls; my callers didn’t have a problem picking up my voice. I didn’t test this in very loud environments like a busy street though. OPPO has kitted these buds with 10mm drivers, and they sound good at the 40-60% volume levels. I could hear the clear distinction between Elton John and Britney Spears’ vocals and the background music in ‘Hold Me Closer’. We preferred the Original Sound mode.



Wrap up


OPPO’s Enco Buds 2 pack solid value for their asking price. OPPO pegs the battery life at 28 hours and there are useful touches like an IPX4 rating for splash resistance. There’s also a game mode option that reduces latency. While you can’t expect ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) at this price, the ear seal does a decent job to shut out external sounds. Just like its predecessor, these are among the best buds you can snag for under Rs 2,000.



OPPO Enco Buds 2 come in Black and cost Rs 1,799.

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