OnePlus Nord Buds CE Review
OnePlus Nord Buds CE Review

The Nord CE buds are more aggressively priced and come with a whole new design template.

It’s been barely three months since we checked out the first set of TWS Bluetooth Earbuds that OnePlus launched with the Nord branding. Priced under Rs 3K, the OnePlus Nord Buds delivered serious bang for the buck with an elegant design language. Now, OnePlus aims to go one up on these buds with the second addition to its Nord line. The Nord CE buds are more aggressively priced and come with a whole new design template. OnePlus would like you to believe that these buds don’t cut too many corners. Are these the best TWS earbuds if you’re looking for a budget option?



Not quite pebble shaped


The case is likely to remind you of Google’s A series and Pixel Pro buds. It’s somewhere between a pebble shape and an egg-shaped case. OnePlus offers two colour ways – we dig the Misty Grey option, that stands out in a crowd. It’s also available in Moonlight White. The case wears a glossy finish and is likely to attract smudges and scratches (we’ve not seen any scratches during the 10-day period we checked it out though). This case is more ergonomically designed than the first edition of OnePlus Nord Buds. It’s more compact (weighs 33 gm) and looks more premium. The earbuds weigh 3.5 gm each and feel quite light in your ears. The stem style design is reminiscent of the first edition of the Apple AirPods that continues to inspire gadget manufacturers.



Set up is a breeze


I tried pairing these buds with an iPhone and a Samsung smartphone. The iPhone detected these buds in an instant even without the companion App. The Hey Melody App on iOS doesn’t recognise these buds though. I tried using the same App on Android and it detected these buds. Aside from battery levels the only other functionality the app offers is a choice of audio modes: Bass, Serenade, Gentle and Balanced. I found the Balanced and Bass modes worked best for my diverse playlist. The buds offer simple touch controls including play/pause, flipping tracks and voice assistant activation.



Gets the basics right


We’ve said this before, any assessment of TWS earbuds also has to factor in the asking price. The Nord CE Buds deliver for its price tag. From Lady Gaga’s Hold my Hand to the Weeknd’s Save your tears and a bunch of hard rock tracks from the 70s and 80s, I tried multiple songs while testing the sound quality. The buds sound tinny once you cross the 70-80% volume levels but do a decent job otherwise. The choice of audio modes gives you some flexibility too. Call quality doesn’t disappoint. It’s the same for the battery life; our test results validate OnePlus’ combined playback claim of about 20 hours. There’s also a flash charge option – a 10 minute charge gives you 81 minutes of playback. One of the many convenient touches that make the OnePlus Nord Buds CE one of the best options if you’re looking for a pair of TWS Bluetooth earbuds under Rs 2,500.



The OnePlus Nord Buds CE cost Rs 2,299 and come in Misty Grey and Moonlight White

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