Nothing Ear (2) Review

It’s been almost three years since the Nothing brand hit the scene. While the initial focus surrounded the brand’s cutting edge design and unique corporate philosophy that saw it break the clutter, now it’s time for the next Act. The Nothing Ear (2) is not just the most significant upgrade in the company’s TWS earbuds portfolio, it’s a product that will define the company’s future clout as a serious player in the space. We’re already sold on the design but does the Ear (2) score with features that most users need on an everyday basis, especially given a significantly higher launch price than the Ear (1) that debuted almost two years ago.



Standout design


Cutting edge design is almost a given with Nothing. The Ear (2) stays in the same zone as its predecessor and wowed us with the same see-through design. Nothing has further refined this product with a sturdier design. We do hope this makes the case less prone to scratches in long term usage. The Ear (2) is also about 10% lighter; the IP rating is enhanced too. You now get an IP55 rating for the case and an IP54 for the buds. They’re now geared for excessively sweaty workouts or a run through a drizzle but not ready for a swim. The Ear (2) is easily one of the best looking set of TWS earbuds across any price point and it’s not just a case of form over function. We like how Nothing offers squeeze controls on the earbuds that are easier to use than tap controls on most of the rivals. The Nothing X companion app (We checked it out on an iPhone and a Samsung device) is intuitive and offers a clutter free interface. Pairing is a breeze too.



ANC gets better


The Nothing X app offers quite a few settings that also include noise cancellation tweaks. One of the big areas of improvement is ANC (Active noise cancellation). You get three levels that also includes an adaptive mode that adjusts to the external environment that you are in. I tried these buds in different external environments including a busy airport lounge and they were quite effective at shutting out external sounds. Battery life is the other area where these buds outdo their predecessor. Nothing claims a total of 36 hours with ANC off; you also get a fast charge option – 8 hours with a 10-minute charge. Wireless charging is a handy inclusion too.



Sound gets personal


My music playlist is quite diverse with everything from grunge to EDM and Indian classical in the mix. I tried out the Ear (2) with an array of tracks and also ran the same tests with the Ear (1) from 2021. There’s a discernible improvement in the overall soundstage; these buds deliver a more refined experience. Nothing is also playing up ‘Personal Sound Profile’ that analyses your individual sensitivity to different frequencies. It’s quite an elaborate test that takes longer than almost any custom solution I’ve tried on a pair of earbuds. It’s worth the effort though and impacts the overall experience. While the overall sound quality and call quality is much improved over the Ear (1), there are similar priced rivals that also deliver stellar sound at this price.


The Nothing Ear (2) is almost a coming of age product for the Nothing brand. It’s still design that is the product’s key differentiator but this time Nothing has brought in some welcome improvements especially in the overall listening experience that make it one of the best buys around the Rs 10K mark.



The Nothing Ear (2) TWS earbuds cost Rs 9,999. There’s a 10% discount on multiple credit and debit cards.

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