Indian Reddit Users Share Their Experiences On The No Nut November Challenge
Indian Reddit Users Share Their Stories On The ‘No Nut November’ Challenge   

The “No Nut November Challenge” started as a satirical movement back in 2010 and was popularised by 2017

With us, almost two weeks into November, the (in)famous ‘No Nut November’ challenge is about to reach its crescendo. For those who are unaware, NNN or No Nut November is an internet challenge revolving around male abstinence from sex, masturbation or…err…ejaculation during November.   


Why do you ask? Well, it started as a satirical challenge on the internet, but slowly transformed into somewhat of a serious movement when some users reported improved health benefits after abstaining from pornography or ejaculation. While there is no scientific proof to prove any of this, that hasn’t stopped folks across the world from making it a once-a-year routine. As expected, the Indian internet also has shown keen interest in the challenge, with Reddit users on the r/IndiaTalksSex subreddit trying it out for themselves.   


Recently, a thread went up on the subreddit, asking “How many of you deliberately took the challenge to break your s/o NNN.. and how hard was it to achieve?” the replies, as expected were hilarious. One user commented saying, “That’s so cute of you to assume that people with partners practice NNN. Sab single logon ke mann behlane ke bahane hain bro.” While another stayed strong for two days, before giving in to temptation saying, “Tried for 2 days then hooked up with a bumble match.”  


Some users appear to be still going strong, with one reporting, “10 days strong, will probably do a month. I tried doing it in September too . Was successful then, will be successful now, maybe. It’s hard, just keep working and stay away from stimuli” while some shared their failure stories, “I failed first day itself. Zero control over my tiny cock”  


Similarly, a Reddit user reported their thoughts on what it is like to be on the other side of the spectrum, writing a lengthy comment – “Well, I’ll just start with, there was no challenge at all. Me and my SO are very sexual people and we LOVE sex with each other. All I had to do was just touch him and BAM, we doing the nasty. In all honesty, I would have been very hurt or offended if he had taken up the NNN bulls*** because it would make me feel that he doesn’t enjoy me and has found a stupid excuse. Let me just state that we both can say no at any point in time to sex. I could be completely naked in front of him and he can still say no and vice versa because we’d have “logical” reasons. But nah we’re so not gonna do the NNN.”   


Image credits:  Reddit 

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