Nishka Lulla's Rules Of Style

Fashion is cyclical. Style is an aspect of fashion, but you give trends a personal expression of your own. If I were asked to define style I would use words like comfortable, random, eclectic, versatile, bohemian and fun.


I do not recommend being a brand junkie. Instead, combine different pieces to create a look that suits your personality and mood, be it street shopping, high street or haute couture.


Every man should own one made-to-measure suit. Bespoke is classic.


Accessories should be accessories. If you have to think too much about it, skip it.


A pocket square should complement — not match — your tie. When in doubt, a white linen handkerchief always looks sharp.


Well-made shoes can have you covered for 10 years or more. Return the favour with a polish now and then.


A rule most men flout: Narrow tie, small collar. Traditional tie, full size collar. Simple.


The thinner the wallet, the better. Who wants to ruin the lines of a suit?


Learn to layer. There’s no reason to have only one way to wear one piece.


Create a basic wardrobe; it will stand you in good stead. Among things you should own: a white shirt, made-to-measure suit, black formal shoes, black basic tee and well-fitted jeans.


There are few things Indian men should chuck out of their wardrobe, among them shiny and embroidered shirts.


The cut makes all the difference. Be particular about the fit and cut of your outfit.


If you are on a date, dress simple and approachable. Wear a pleasant colour like baby pink and lemon yellow basic shirts, which are refreshing.


Among the men whose style I would recommend are Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan. They carry themselves confidently, with a touch of class. Among the younger male stars, I would mention Ranbir Kapoor, who is inherently stylish.




By Deepali Nandwani

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