A New Pill Could Redefine Male Contraception
A New Pill Could Redefine Male Contraception

The latest developments could be revolutionary

Men have long called for a counterpart to the daily birth control pill women can take. It’s hard to trust every partner you have to be a hundred percent safe, and condoms are uncomfortable and ruin the mood. The male metabolism has prohibited the production of such a pill until now, as men clear out the hormones too quickly.


Now, a new pill called dimethandrolone undercanoate, or DMAU for short, contains a long-chain fatty acid which slows down the clearance process. This allows a daily dose, which is far more convenient than the multiple daily doses the previous iterations of the technology called for.


A study conducted on 83 healthy men over a month at the University of Washington Medical Centre showed that unless an abnormal dose was administered, the drug had no detrimental effect on sex drive and hormone production. Additionally, the drug did not cause any liver or kidney damage.


Considering that contraceptive pills for females have been available for almost seventy years, it is high time that men now have an equivalent they can count on.


Image source: Instagram/emrata

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