Here's How Much Liverpool Pays Its Players
Leaked Data Reveals Liverpool Players Are Grossly Underpaid 

The wage structure is one of the primary reasons why both Salah and Mane are so keen on moving to another club

At one point in the recently concluded 2021/22 season, Liverpool ware chasing the unprecedented quadruple. They, however, fell one point short of Manchester City, and were crushed by Real Madrid in the Champions League.


It must have been a deflating experience for the team, who played brilliant and coherent football throughout the season but lost out on two of the biggest trophies. Moreover, they also had to endure a massive financial loss, as their salary at the club is massively shaped by their on-field performances. 

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Their basic wage structure, as revealed by Spotrac, looks like that of a mid-table club, as only three players in the entire squad earn a minimum of £200,000 per week. Virgil Van Dijk is the highest earner at the club, and he takes home £200,000 per week. The Dutch defender’s stature at the club has grown by leaps and bounds, as it was his arrival that kickstarted the golden days of Liverpool.


Thiago Alcantra and Mohamed Salah each earn £200,000 per week, while Sadio Mane receives only £100,000 per week each. Neither Salah nor Mane’s payscale does justice to their immense contribution in the last few years. To put things into perspective, Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane, Grealish, and Anthony Rashford earn more than Salah and Mane. 

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The wage structure is touted as one of the primary reasons why both are so insistent on moving to another club. While Salah, who is in his last year of the contract, has stalled his renewal agreement, Mane has already made it clear that his time at the club has come to an end. 


Fabinho, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Roberto Firmino take home £180,000 per week each, followed by the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker, who gets only £150,000 per week.

In the last season, Liverpool’s wage bill plummetted by £11m. The club, under the ownership of Fenway Sports Group, has always maintained to keep the wage bill at the lowest. However, this approach might backfire in the long run, as other clubs will try to poach their star players with better pay.

Here’s a breakdown of the salaries:

PlayersAnnual IncomeWeekly Wage
Virgil Van Dijk£11,440,000£220,000
Thiago Alcántara do Nascimento£10,400,000£200,000
Mohamed Salah£10,400,000£200,000
Trent Alexander-Arnold£9,360,000£180,000
Roberto Firmino£9,360,000£180,000
Fabinho Tavares£9,360,000£180,000
Alisson Becker£7,800,000£150,000
Jordan Henderson£7,280,000£140,000
Naby Keita£6,240,000£120,000
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain£6,240,000£120,000
Sadio Mane£5,200,000£100,000
Joel Matip£5,200,000£100,000
Diogo Jota£4,700,000£90,385
Joe Gomez£3,900,000£75,000
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