Netflix To Cough Up $100 Million To WarnerMedia For "Friends"
Netflix To Cough Up $100 Million To WarnerMedia For “Friends”

Netflix and “Friends” are not on a break

The ’90’s era sitcom, Friends has long ruled television. Although now, TV is officially dead. It has been replaced by streaming sites.


Amid the tough competition, this classic show has managed to transition its way to digital platform. Even after a decade, the buzz around this show refuses to die down.  

Be it Rachel and Ross’s on-again-off-again relationship, Chandler’s sarcasm or Joey’s antics, the audience just can’t seem to get enough of this show. 

And that is exactly why Netflix wants the rights to this show. And, it going to cost them an arm and a leg.

While Netflix has ambitiously blown cash on producing new content, people seem to have set their hearts on this show. Hayley Kiyoko let Netflix know exactly why she has a Netflix account. And, Netflix reassured her in a Twitter exchange:

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According to Wall Street Journal, Netflix will have to fork over $100 million to AT&T’s Inc’s WarnerMedia to keep streaming the show for another year. This amount is a significant jump from the original deal worth $30 million last year, as per New York Times.


But, this expensive deal might just pay off for the streaming giant. It secures rights to the classic comedy series for another year. This globally-watched show will air across all 192 countries where Netflix operates.

To top it all off, Netflix doesn’t get to enjoy the exclusivity of streaming this show on their platform. WarnerMedia is planning to launch their streaming site sometime next year, and odds are they are likely to stream this show.

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