All You Need To Know About Virat Kohli’s New Brand
All You Need To Know About Virat Kohli’s New Brand

One8, launched in collaboration with Puma, promises to be the new must-have athleisure collection for any man.

One8, launched in collaboration with Puma, promises to be the new must-have athleisure collection for any man.


Puma brand ambassador Virat Kohli has just launched his own brand – One8 – in collaboration with the sportswear giant. The launch is backed by a movement called Come Out and Play, which aims to encourage Indians to adopt an active lifestyle and make time for sport.


The athleisure line largely consists of styles that the cricketer favours himself – muted colours, long-line tees, jogger pants and more. In the upcoming season, One8 promises to add performance apparel, footwear and accessories to the offering.


We caught up with the cricketer at the launch of One8 in New Delhi, where he personally took us through the collection.


Tell us about your personal style and how One8 ties in with your fashion philosophy.


I use a lot of white, black, grey, olive and camo. I love subtle stuff. I can’t do loud colours. That’s the whole idea behind the line. You’ll see a lot of long-line tees, scoop necks and distressed looks that I love and have incorporated into the line.


Who do you consider your style icons?


The only person that has inspired me purely from a fashion point of view is Justin Timberlake. Growing up, I was a huge fan of his. He’s probably the only guy I saw wearing sneakers with a suit, and I thought it was so cool. Now, of course, it’s more common. Apart from that, I think my taste has gotten refined over the years as I have travelled and seen so many new styles. I came to understand eventually that it’s all about keeping it simple and being comfortable. Something casual is what resonates with me on a daily basis.


Do you see your teammates wearing this collection?


They haven’t seen the line yet, but I see a lot of them wearing it. I think all of them can pull off stuff like this, and it’s also the kind of clothes they like to wear. At the same time, I want fans to be able to wear something that I wear. I’ll be using the line myself quite regularly.


Where do you buy your clothes from?


Nowadays, my shopping mostly happens at shoots. They know what kind of clothes I wear, so they bring me stuff accordingly. I’ve tried online shopping, but it doesn’t really work for me. I need to physically see clothes; that’s how I am. When I’m travelling, I can just walk out of the hotel and discover stores where I pick up what I like. I don’t set out with a plan.


What is the fitness philosophy behind One8?


When I was growing up, I always wanted to have something that was stylish and sporty at the same time. For instance, if I need to go to a restaurant, it shouldn’t always have to be about dressing up or wearing clothes that might look good but not be as comfortable. Also, another aspect was to be able to have some sense of fashion even while playing a sport. I always like to think of incorporating fashion into sport.


VK Pants – PUMA Black – INR 3499


VK Sweat Jacket – INR 2499


VK Sweat Jacket – INR 2499


VK tee – INR 1499


VK tee – INR 1499


You’re using this brand as a way to encourage people – even those who are busy studying or working – to come out and play. What are the simple ways in which one can make time for sport?


Just put your phones and tablets away. It’s obvious; they are so addictive. No matter how much I talk about it, it’s a very personal thing. I exercise regularly and can talk endlessly about the benefits that come with it, but you can only do things till a certain level. I can only vouch for the results it has given me, and now it has become a lifestyle that has enhanced my career as well.

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