Nandana Sen Tells Us Things We Didn’t Know About Women
Nandana Sen Tells Us Things We Didn’t Know About Women

Sultry actress tells us things we didn’t know about women

1.  We are sensitive, yes, but we can’t read your minds.  If something is on it that’s really important to you, be it a lipstick you hate the taste of, a birthday wish, or a sexual fantasy, won’t you tell us, pretty please?


2.  All it takes to make a woman feel like a queen is a bit of imagination — and yes, a lot of attention!


3.  It always pleases a woman to be complimented by another woman, as she would have noticed every detail. So, ironically, you can learn a great deal about effective compliments (those irresistible ‘lines’ of the future) by observing women together.


4.  When a woman says no, it means NO. It doesn’t mean she is playing hard to get.


5. We’re easygoing (if unpredictable) when it comes to what strikes our fancy. While you guys mostly have basic ‘checklists’ for what you’d like in your woman, for us, anything — fluency in useless trivia, or a nervous stammer — can be sexy. No kidding. So embrace every eccentricity as an advantage.


6.  Do catch yourself the next time you say, “I said sorry, didn’t I?”  Saying sorry isn’t enough, unless you promise yourself you’ll never make the same mistake again, and unless it comes straight from your heart. And we can always tell the difference! Oh yes.


7. No matter how strong we are, we need your help. True equality for women cannot be reached without men being equally aware of its enormous need.  So we may shout ourselves hoarse about how to make it a fairer world, but unless you guys join us, we can’t succeed.


8.  We love being adored for our weaknesses as much as for our strengths. I, for one, am incurably klutzy, and am very partial to guys who find that cute.


9. The figures for female foeticide and female infanticide are frightening in our country, and the sex ratio is unnaturally skewed in favour of men. So, unless we all come together on this, there will be fewer girls for guys in the future to romance and wed. Get a load of that.


10.  Pssst! Diamonds were never a girl’s best friend. Your love is. Always will be.

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