What Is Youtuber MrBeast's Net Worth In 2022?
Famous 24-Year-Old YouTuber ‘MrBeast’ Lands In India, What’s His Net Worth In 2022?

MrBeast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, is the world’s fourth biggest YouTuber — and with that fame, comes with plenty of cash to burn

Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson, one of the most famous YouTubers in the world, started making videos at the age of 12, with his channel getting 122 million views a year before he turned 19. Pretty much the ultimate example of a YouTuber who’s known nothing but constant success ever since he began, the now-24-year-old sits atop a massive YouTube empire of 103 million subscribers.


Amusingly enough, MrBeast has decided to pay a visit to India — while currently at an undisclosed location, he’s already started to land himself in amusing situations, such as the classic ‘white tourist photo’ trap that many overseas visitors land themselves in.

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While his latest fan doesn’t know about his channel, MrBeast’s following has earned him several accolades, including the coveted Red Diamond Creator Award, and is declared by Forbes as the world’s highest-earning YouTuber of 2021.


So let’s dive in, and see exactly how he’s earned his success, and how he chooses to spend his millions:

What Are MrBeast’s Income Sources?

According to Forbes, MrBeast’s total income in the year 2021 was a whopping $54 million. As an expert in the field for over ten years, he’s drawn this incredible figure from various sources such as advertising and sponsorship contracts, along with diversifying into clothing, a MrBeast Burger food chain, merch, and videogames.

Reportedly, around half of this revenue came from the latter income streams — which are all dependent on his incredibly loyal and massive fanbase.

“If you want the special secret, if you want to know where it all came from – my parents aren’t that rich, I’m only 20 years old, every dollar I’ve ever made came from YouTube, and YouTube just pays better than you think,” he said back in 2018.

What Is MrBeast’s Net Worth In 2022?

It’s estimated that the YouTuber spends around $3 million per month on producing his videos — including the costs of financing his crew and marketing plans.

With that in mind, his net worth has been reported to be anywhere from $25 million (which we frankly doubt given Forbes’ report), to a whopping $129.53 million

Where Does MrBeast Spend His Money?

Despite his steady income and powerful online presence, MrBeast does operate on pretty thin margins, according to the creator himself.

This can be attributed to the largest philanthropic nature of his content, which also reflects his massive growth as a YouTuber. After spending a few years building followers through ‘JunkLord YouTube’ content — videos such as ‘”Spinning a Fidget Spinner for 24 hours Straight’ — he managed to make enough money to make free giveaway videos, where participants would leave with thousands or even millions in cash prizes.

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He’s also occasionally donated large sums of money through his channel to philanthropic causes, such as homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, and more.


That said, ever since hitting paydirt, MrBeast certainly has spent his millions on personal luxuries. This includes a few exotic cars, including a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, a Tesla Model S, and a BMW i8 Coupe amounting to a total garage value of just under half a million dollars.

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