Montblanc’s ‘On The Move’ Collection Personifies A New Brand Trajectory
Montblanc’s ‘On The Move’ Collection Personifies A New Brand Trajectory

The luxury maison has introduced a cross-category collection that speaks to a newer audience while also expanding beyond their fortes of luxury pens and timepieces

A white, rounded, six-pointed star, enclosed in a black circle; ask any luxury aficionado and they will instantly recall Montblanc—a German company that has put writing instruments on the world map. Their logo, too, tells an interesting tale as the luxury player, established in 1906 was named after the Mont Blanc peak—the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, and the name literally translates to ‘White Mountain’. And this is reflected in how the brand has transformed writing culture over decades; after all no one had heard of ‘precision writing tools’ prior to them conquering this landscape. They have taken this industry to its zenith, while also making great strides in other segments—watches and leather goods—being main territories.  


Montblanc is probably an exception in the watchmaking industry since the brand was synonymous with luxury pens and only ventured into the horological universe in 1997—with the launch of their Meisterstuck watch—the brand’s equivalent of their famous Meisterstuck pen. Over the years they have developed a reputation not just for fine craftsmanship and design but also churning out some very complex timepieces such as the Regulateur Nautique Chronograph, Exotourbillon Chronograph, 1858 Geosphere, Timewalker Metamorphosis, Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique, or the more recent fourth-generation Montblanc Metamorphosis, launched last year. But as their brand philosophy goes, they are not just absorbed with what has been achieved and always look forward to the future.


While ingenuity and imagination continue to be the driving forces for the maison, they are now advancing across product categories such as writing instruments, watches, leather goods, new technologies and accessories. This is in sync with Montblanc’s commitment to crafting products for people who are ‘always on the move’, specially crafted, keeping their lifestyles in mind. It has incorporated new technologies to ensure these products remain functional while travelling—when one encounters different time zones, varying climatic conditions, and geographical differences. And their ‘On The Move’ cross-category collection, is truly articulating their new vision of mobility for today.


“Montblanc has a rich heritage as an innovator, crafting products for anyone embracing the inspirational power of their new-found mobility. However, when we think of mobility, it is not only physical movement from one point to another, but the ability to move through life by achieving our goals and ambitions with greater passion and meaning. Our ambition is to give people new ways to connect with the idea of mobility, on their own terms with pieces that have functional and inspirational value to them,” explains Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc’s Creative Director in an official press statement.


In fact, the brand has signed on Irish actor Cillian Murphy to star in their new campaign since he has never toed the line, and has always moved forward for causes/projects that he believes in.



Featuring writing instruments, leather goods, connected technologies and timepieces, the collection reflects Montblanc’s commitment to inspire people to leave their mark by moving with purpose, accompanied by products that deliver on function and style. Here’s a look at what the collection comprises:


Montblanc 1858 GMT Automatic Date



Montblanc 1858 GMT Automatic Date is about living life through time zones, with a watch function that shows the time in two different places at the same time without hands. The ingenious system indicates the second time zone with a red square that moves around the outside of the dial, positioned next to a fixed black or blue anodized aluminium bezel that shows the 24-hour clock so the user immediately knows if it is day or night in the second time zone too.



It comes in a 42mm stainless steel case with a choice of a black or blue sunray dial, both of which are adorned with blue luminescent hands and indexes, accompanied by a tapered, interchangeable, stainless-steel bracelet with a fine adjustment system for precision fitting, which can be switched out for a black or blue rubber strap in seconds.  The titanium engraved case back shows the planet’s continents and oceans, along with the names of cities in each of the 24 time zones, offering a world time indication.  


Montblanc Extreme 3.0 Leather Goods



These high-quality products feature a new design, original formats and detailing, with a focus on minimising environmental impact using leather obtained from a CO2-neutral tanning process and lining made from recycled fibres. The motifs have been enlarged for bigger bags and reduced for the smaller accessories. 


StarWalker BlackCosmos Writing Instruments



This collection features a new surface treatment that evokes the compact and rocky surface of terrestrial planets. The translucent dome featuring a floating Montblanc emblem above a grey base is a distinctive design element here.


Montblanc Summit 3 Smartwatch



Montblanc’s latest smartwatch addresses the needs for more connectivity through technology for those constantly on the move. It is the latest iteration of the maison’s signature smartwatch—crafted in precious hand-brushed titanium, paired with calf leather or rubber straps. The Summit 3 smartwatch incorporates the latest Wear OS by Google and curated apps to meet the functional needs of its owner.


Images: Montblanc

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