Intimacy Director Calls Out Millie Bobby Brown Over Her Kiss In Netflix’ Enola Holmes 2
Millie Bobby Brown Called Out Over A Kiss In ‘Enola Holmes 2’  

Enola Holmes 2 also stars Henry Cavill as detective Sherlock Holmes

There’s been a raging debate in Hollywood lately about how intimate scenes are filmed. Adding more to the conversation now are the comments made by Jessica Steinrock, the intimacy coordinator for Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2. In her latest TikTok video, Steinrock respectfully called out star Millie Bobby Brown for a scene in the sequel.  


Steinrock shared a clip of the actress talking about her kissing scene with co-actor, Louis Partridge. The 18-year-old shared how she “grabbed his face and kissed him” to his surprise, on the set of the Enola Holmes sequel. Brown described the moment, saying “so cute”. However, Steinrock disagreed.   


The intimacy coordinator commented that the moment was “not the cute story you think it is,” saying Brown did not ask consent from Partridge to kiss him, leading to the surprised look on his face. However, Steinrock gave Brown a benefit of the doubt saying she and Partridge are likely to have built mutual trust between them.   



She also went to on explain how right communication is important when it comes to filming these scenes. Further elaborating that Brown inherently has more power than Partridge on the set, considering she’s the bigger star and one of the producers of the movie. Steinrock went on to signify the importance of intimacy director, saying “little things like this can escalate over time.”  


As expected, there was some backlash in the comment section, with one comment pointing “pretty sure it was in the script” while another one said, “I think they were acting.” To which, Steinbeck replied saying, “My job is to make sure there are no surprises. I trust actors to be good enough to act surprised… We don’t improvise punches and we don’t improvise kisses.”  


Steinrock has been a known name in the industry, being one of the 50 intimacy coordinators who are listed on SAG-AFTRA’s registry of qualified intimacy coordinators. She’s previously worked on the sets of Never Have I Ever, Moxie and Yellowjackets. 

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