How to Switch-Up Your Grooming Routine for Summers?
How to Switch-Up Your Grooming Routine for Summers?

Move away from layering of products to a minimal routine 

Building a grooming routine doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, it’s about understanding and investing in essentials. Less is more when it comes to grooming and it’s time to switch up your routine now that the weather changes from dry and cold to hot and humid. Keeping your skin type in mind, a few tweaks to your regular steps can take your grooming routine up a notch. The idea is to keep it simple and low-maintenance that even men most averse to maintaining a routine can easily pick it up. We spoke to the experts to help us build an effective yet simple grooming regime for summers. 

Switch to lightweight moisturiser 

Before we talk about products, it’s important to that a gentle cleanser, hydrating moisturiser, and a high-potency sunscreen are the three non-negotiable if you are not looking for an elaborate daily routine. Move away from heavy, rich textures and switch to products that are lightweight and easy to layer. With rise in temperature, the skin tends to get greasy and therefore, quick-absorbing formula like gels or lotions work better. Also, while you may sweat more, it doesn’t mean you can eliminate any step from the routine–a moisturiser and sunscreen are must. “Incorporate multi-tasking products that are easier to use and do not give a layered clogged feel in summers,” says Dr Madhuri Agarwal, celebrity dermatologist and founder of Yavana Aesthetics Clinic.


Editor’s Pick: Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturiser 

Use High-Potency Sunscreen 

Switch to higher SPF for face and body, and while you’re at it, try to make reapplication of sunscreen a part of your routine. If possible, opt for water-resistant sunscreen, especially if you have a field job. A simple read about formula and texture can be beneficial; using thicker, oil-based products in summers can clog pores and lead to breakouts. “Opt for water based or gel-based products that provide hydration without clogging your pores,” explains Dr Apratim Goel, certified dermatologist and founder of Cutis Skin Solutions.  


Editor’s Pick: d’you unkissed Capsule Sunscreen 

Use An Exfoliator & Foamy Cleanser 

Chemical and physical exfoliators may not have found their way to your winter routine however, they can be a boon for summer skincare. This step can result in glowing skin, only if you care to appear like someone who looks after himself! “Use gentle exfoliating scrubs once a week and chemical peels home or in clinic peel once a month to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores,” adds Dr Goel. Change to foamy, oil control cleanser that’s effective on oil, dirt, and clogged pores. “Cleansers enriched with clay, ubtan, multani mitti, or charcoal offer purifying properties, ideal for combating the accumulation of dust and grime in the warmer months,” says Dr Rashmi Shetty, cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Ra Aesthetics & Dermatology. 


Editor’s Pick: The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution; Clinique Charcoal Face Wash (for men) 

Find Your Summer Scent 

While we stan having a signature fragrance, it doesn’t hurt to switch to a different one with changing weather. However, perfumes should complement your personality and mood and not overwhelm senses. If you are a beginner, go for classic blends; citrus-based notes work well for summers while woody, spicy ones are better suited for winters.  

Giorgio Armani


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Book A Salon Appointment 

It’s no secret that short hair and well-trimmed beard is easier to manage during summers however, it’s a personal choice. If you like your hair and beard long, make sure to go regular trims at a salon if you at-home skills are not to be trusted. The idea is to be regular. While at it, you can always opt for a quick hair spa or a massage. “Conscientious scalp care is emphasised, given its significance in preventing acne and maintaining overall skin health,” says Dr Shetty. 


Thorough Your Ingredient Knowledge 

While choosing products, keep your skin type in mind; for dry skin, choosing products with hydrating ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid helps whereas oily skin can benefit from ingredients like squalane and niacinamide. Understanding ingredients can be intimidating, especially if you are a beginner. A quick chat with a skin expert helps. Also, this might also be a time when you can discuss skin allergies with an expert to decide the right product.  


Go For Advanced Treatments 

While we emphasise on daily routines, booking a consultation with a dermatologist is always recommended. Book an appointment in a couple of months for a quick treatment. “Tanning and acne is a common problem in the summers. Treatments such as chemical peels and carbon peels help to tackle these issues. Medifacials such as Aqua Revive and dermalinfusion cool the skin and clear up the congestion,” suggests Dr Agarwal.  

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