Mark Ruffalo Will Strip Naked If America Votes Against Trump
Mark Ruffalo Will Strip Naked If America Votes Against Trump

Check out this video. This is not a drill, people. America, vote and do the world a glorious favour.


Yes, America, the whole world is pointing and laughing at you guys. We can’t believe you allowed the Trump show to run for this long. And even American celebrities and talk show hosts have started understanding that they are a month away from possible doomsday. So, while John Oliver and Stephen Colbert have stopped wrapping their barbs up in sarcasm or metaphors and are directly attacking Trump, movie stars are lining up to create PSA videos, asking people to vote – and asking them to  vote against Trump.


Joss Whedon got a “shit ton of famous people” together for an anti-Trump video recently and while on one hand it is pee-in-your-pants hilarious, you wonder how disastrous the situation must be for a country to actually need PSAs against a candidate.


The video also ends with everyone seriously promising that Mark Ruffalo will go naked in his next film. Mark Ruffalo was, of course, not informed of that bargain. Like Neil Patrick Harris says in the video, he will go “full-marky”.

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