Manish Malhotra Joins Forces With Starbucks India
Manish Malhotra Joins Forces With Starbucks India

This is anything but your average collab

Fashion icon Manish Malhotra is brewing up a storm with Starbucks India! Imagine your morning cup of joe adorned with Kashmir's vibrant motifs, handcrafted with the designer's signature touch. Intrigued? Malhotra, known for his intricate embroidery and timeless elegance, brings his magic to Starbucks' drinkware. We speak to the designer to find out what's brewing.


Kashmir's vibrant motifs dance on your Starbucks India collection. Why did you choose this specific region's heritage as your muse?

Kashmir is one of my favourite places and holds a special place in my brand’s identity. Through my collaboration with Starbucks India, I have aimed to infuse the beauty and artistry of Kashmir into everyday experiences. The design is inspired by beautiful Kashmiri motifs and showcases the traditional floral techniques influenced by the gorgeous surroundings and rich cultural heritage of the state. 


Kashmiri craftsmanship meets global coffee rituals. How does this interplay enrich the everyday coffee experience for the Indian consumer?

 Personally, creating this collection was like designing a special accessory. Each piece reflects glamour and echoes the essence of my designs. The merchandise celebrates tradition with a touch of modernity, creating pieces that celebrate our heritage and resonate with the consumers. The entire collection exudes elegance and sophistication while maintaining its functionality. 


From couture runways to coffee cups, your design journey takes a fascinating turn. What were the unique challenges and triumphs of working on this collection?

Passion and immense love for what I do is what keeps me going. This collaboration with Starbucks India is a new facet of my creative journey, allowing me to seamlessly integrate my designs into the daily lives of coffee consumers. It's always wonderful to see someone consume something that you’ve designed. 


Your pieces seamlessly elevate the coffee ritual. Do you see fashion playing a larger role in our everyday routines beyond special occasions?

Absolutely, fashion has the power to go beyond special occasions and bring elegance to one’s everyday look. Just like the right outfit can transform how you feel and elevate mundane moments, similarly, through this collaboration with Starbucks India I wanted to bring in that element of glamour and art to everyday routines and create a comfortably stylish space.


Starbucks India caters to a diverse audience. How did you ensure your designs resonated with a broad spectrum of Indian coffee lovers?

For me, Kashmir has always held a special place in my heart. The designs have been crafted to ensure they are timeless and reflective of the exquisite craftsmanship of the region. When brought alive on the cups and tumblers for Starbucks India, the collection is an effort to blend art and design - values that are integral to both brands and translated into accessories for a unique experience for coffee enthusiasts. 


The reusable cups champion eco-consciousness. Did your design process factor in sustainability from the outset? Together with the Starbucks India team, we wanted to create something light and functional and something you feel good about using every single day. The Manish Malhotra + Starbucks India collection demonstrates an eco-friendly angle and aligns well with our contemporary values.


The limited-edition set for Starbucks Rewards members adds a touch of exclusivity. What kind of experience do you hope to create for these loyal coffee connoisseurs?

The exclusive limited-edition collectable comprises a set of the stoneware ceramic mug and stainless-steel tumbler along with a personalized note that we hope creates a special experience as well as an exciting gifting occasion.


 Starbucks India and Manish Malhotra - two iconic names come together. What surprised you most about this collaboration, and what did you learn from each other?

 Just as I aim to bring the best of Indian fashion and couture to the world of fashion, Starbucks India has always been known to be the ‘third place’ for their consumers, offering a world-class and personalized connection for everyone who visits their stores. It’s truly an experience like no other and to work in partnership with them and create something that was rooted in India yet global in its approach has been an absolute pleasure and I’m hoping that it resonates with coffee drinkers the world over.


This collection feels like a chapter in your design narrative. What's next for Manish Malhotra? Are any exciting collaborations or artistic ventures brewing?

We're buzzing with activity on a bunch of awesome projects. Will reveal them soon, stay tuned. 



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