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Manchester United's 90s Revival With The Stone Roses

Just in terms of aesthetics, not playing style

Manchester United have gone back to the 90s—not in their style of play, although that would be an improvement at this point, but rather in their appearance on the turf. The football club has announced an association with the iconic Manchester-based band, The Stone Roses. Similar to how the band Oasis plays a culturally significant role in Manchester City’s history, and how The Beatles have done the same with the Merseyside clubs, Liverpool and Everton, The Stone Roses are regarded in a similar vein with Manchester United.


Of course, the special collaboration deserves a unique range of athleisure collection, as seen in the new Adidas-branded black tracksuit, black shorts, long-sleeve t-shirt, scarf, and the quintessential bucket hat – all featuring the adapted United badge and the iconic Stone Roses lemons.




Speaking of which, the promotional video itself is a treasure trove of Easter eggs. For instance, the light green jersey represents the band's debut self-titled album and its cover. Additionally, the jacket, painted by the band’s guitarist, John Squire, was inspired by the green and grey hues of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Squire was also said to be inspired by the work of American painter Jackson Pollock.




Moving on, the use of lemon is also evident throughout the promotional material. United #17, Alejandro Garnacho, can be seen biting on a lemon, while the jerseys show the United crest resting on top of what looks like a lime. This pays homage to the cover art of the same album, which itself was a reference to The Stone Roses’ song “Bye Bye Badman”. Last but certainly not least, there’s also a small detail on the United crest, featuring the words 'This is the One,' yet another song by the band that plays in the backdrop of the promotional video.


Adidas enlisted the help of Inigo Turner, its Design Director, to commemorate the occasion. Speaking about his new collection, the designer expressed his excitement, stating: "The Stone Roses' music is the soundtrack for fans who remember the famous class of '92. This collection celebrates the beautiful fusion of football and musical culture that both the team and the band represented."




While we’re not quite sure exactly when the new collection will debut on Indian shores, the United players will be seen wearing it as part of their pre-match routine on February 11 against Aston Villa.

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