Claudio Grotto talks about style

It is easy to differentiate style from fashion. Fashion passes by, but style remains. To me, style is something that is more connected to the inner identity and personality of a person or a brand, than it is with fashion trends.


Take inspiration from your style icons (past or present) and you’ll never go wrong.


The easiest way to look iconic and stylish is by just combining a biker style leather jacket with an evergreen denim shirt, in a medium light wash. Team them up with tapered jeans.


Men need to understand that wearing tapered denims doesn’t mean renouncing comfort. It is a trend that will be developed further and taken to the extreme – either it will get a super-tight fit from the waist-to-ankle, or it can get more eccentric, with an unconventional, loose crotch, giving it a tight-leg carrot look.


The worst thing a man can do is not to follow his own personality and style and force himself into ephemeral trends.


Jewellery is not that fundamental for the style of a contemporary man. I would suggest to just follow the rule “less is more” in this case.


A man’s footwear really makes a whole lot of difference to his entire look. Every man – of every age – should have a timeless Beatle boot in an up-to-date version, with a rubber sole.


When it comes to grooming, a man should always take care of himself and look trim, smart and neat.


For me, Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve McQueen are timeless icons who interpret the essence of the denim style: essentiality with a strong personality.


A denim shirt is a classic. Men should always keep an eye out for the latest evolutions of the denim shirt.

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