Actors of Lord of the Rings Who Did Marvel Films
7 ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Actors Who Appeared In Marvel Movies!

‘The Lord of the Rings’ or Marvel movies– where do you like them more?

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings of Power series continues to pique excitement levels with every passing episode. A riveting plot aside, the characters also make for equally interesting discussions! That said, were you aware that some of the notable names in the show’s cast have also appeared in Marvel movies? Well, either way, here’s this list will surprise you!


Cate Blanchett  

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In Rings of Power, Blanchett essays the role of Elven’s younger version. She’s been a part of The Lord of the Rings series right from the first movie, where she played the elf leader Galadriel. Fast forward to 2017, the Academy Award actress played the role of Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. The two-time Oscar winner apparently chose to do the role because of director Taika Waititi, and also because there was no female villain in entire Marvel’s cinematic universe.  


Benedict Cumberbatch  

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He’s the face of Dr. Strange in the Marvel world. After starring in the first installment in 2016, he later reappeared as Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2022. But before this, his voice landed him the role of Smaug and Sauron in The Hobbit series.


Evangeline Lilly 

Lilly was a popular actress when she started her journey in The Hobbit film series as Tauriel. She went on to do The Desolation of Smaug in 2013, followed by Battle of the Five Armies in 2014. The actress then entered into a contract with Marvel, where she was roped in to play Hope van Dyne aka the Wasp in 2015’s Ant-Man. We saw her last in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.  

Martin Freeman  

One of English actor Freeman’s most notable works has that of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit film trilogy (2012-2014). Shortly after in 2016, he forayed into sci-fi comedy as Everett K Ross in the Marvel world. Freeman is best known for his roles in Captain America: Civil War in 2016 and Black Panther in 2018. Recent reports suggest that the actor will be seen again in 2022’s November release Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, followed by 2023’s Secret Invasion

Ian Mc Kellen 

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Kellen received worldwide recognition after he perfectly embodied the roles of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and Magneto in X-Men films. The British actor was felicitated with a Companion of Honour by the Commonwealth Realm in 2008 for his contribution and services to drama and performing arts.  


Hugo Weaving  

Weaving played the role of Elrond in The Lord of the Rings whose ancestors were half men and half-elves. But then when he starred as Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger, it was a totally different avatar of him. The role was widely appreciated by his fans.

Andy Serkis 


Serkis did a fabulous job as Gollum/Smeagol in The Lord of the Rings. The role was that of a computer-generated character, for which Serkis rendered acting, physicality, and voice-over duties. He then turned into a human physicist for Marvel’s 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, followed by an appearance in 2018’s Black Panther.  

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