Lollapalooza India 2023: Four Big Reasons To Stay Hyped This Week
Lollapalooza India 2023: Four Big Reasons To Stay Hyped This Week

Lollapalooza’s India debut is nearly here, and we couldn’t be more excited

This weekend, Mumbai gears up for India’s biggest international music festival yet — Lollapalooza India 2023. Bringing home an exciting line up across two days of music, culture, cocktails, and everything in between, the festival continues to draw in crowds after a long wait through multiple rounds of ticket sales.


Here’s a few reasons why we think Lolla 2023 will set an example for music festivals to come:


An Environment-first Music Festival Experience


If you’re a music festival veteran, you know that most venues leave behind mountains of harmful waste and irresponsibly-managed disposal systems — fortuantely, Lolla 2023 is taking a pretty big step towards setting higher standards for sustainability and the burgeoning culture of environmentally responsible festivals.


Apart from focusing on waste segregation and management, Lolla 2023 will also cut down heavily on single-use plastics with biodegradable cups for festival-goers, as well as choosing electric vehicles for logistics between crew members on-site.


A Big Push For Festival Inclusivity


Can we really call a festival great, if it isn’t great for everyone who attends?


Taking a tip from major performances in the last few years, Lollapalooza India will be featuring sign language interpreters at the main BudX stage for attendees with hearing disabilities, as well as a dedicated team focused on assisting handicapped, visually impared, or otherwise in-need fans reach their preferred stages safely, as well as a seperate team to help train crew members and security in gender neutrality and sensitivity.


A key addition is the inclusion of wheelchair access lanes, including risers — allowing everyone regardless of their physical disabilities to enjoy every performance on offer this weekend.



Easy Travels


Connectivity has often been a problem for music festivals across the country — if you’ve been around the circuit for a while, you certainly won’t disagree. Fortunately, Lolla 2023’s organisers have kept Mumbai’s tedious traffic in mind while planning the festival — introducing two pretty novel ways to encourage simpler ways of getting to the festival’s Mahalaxmi Race Course venue.


First off, Lolla 2023 will feature over 100 ‘CityFlo’ buses ranging from Goregaon to Thane, Navi Mumbai and Colaba — spread out over 80 different pick-up locations. That’s enough to handle a whopping 3,500 people — all in a convenient, traffic-effective manner. Next, for those of us more familiar with Mumbai’s iconic local trains — there’s incentives to show up at Mahalaxmi Railway Station. Apart from a host of acoustic guitarists to welcome you to the venue, you can also pick up free goodies at the station, along with a discount on F&B coupons if you present a train ticket with your festival pass. Neat!


India’s Closest Brush With The Grammys


Yes, we weren’t going to forget the lineup, ofcourse. Apart from a lot of homengrown favourites, Lollapalooza 2023 offers one of the most-lauded lineups in Indian music festival history — with Imagine Dragons, The Strokes, Greta Van Fleet as well as Diplo all carrying Grammy awards and nominations to their name.


It isn’t all about international acclaim, though. If you’re interested in exploring the festival’s long-standing global heritage, step into Abhi Meer’s retrospective house music set on Day One, kicking off an afternoon of tracks ranging across Lolla’s 30+ year-long odyssey of music. If house isn’t your thing, step towards the BudX stage where post rock icons Aswekeepsearching will incorporate a special string plus brass section, along with a choir — making for a unique live setup for the genre.



BookMyShow, India’s leading entertainment destination is spearheading Lollapalooza India as the promoter and co-producer for the festival’s Indian edition along with global producers, Perry Farrell and C3 Presents. 


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Image Credits: Lollapalooza, Book My Show

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