Let Starbucks brighten up your mood
Let Starbucks brighten up your mood

Starbucks’ exquisite customisation options lend a special flavour to your bespoke beverage of the day

Starbucks has launched a new #MyMood #MyStarbucks campaign which celebrates and acknowledges the varying moods experienced by all of us on an average workday, or even a not-so-average weekend. The idea is to let the seemingly innumerable customsation options available at any Starbucks outlet, create your ideal beverage for you, till you discover a beverage that’s just perfect for you.



The customisation options allow to explore several options which suit your varying moods. All customers have to do is follow 3 simple steps – 1) Visit any Starbucks store between 5th – 25th April and fill out the customization cards available in-store; 2) Share your mood and what beverage suits your mood best on the store community board and 3) Get any two free customizations on your next beverage!



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